Now That You’re an Alumni – Ways to Stay Connected

Congratulations on completing this chapter of your life! It might feel like a small eternity ago since you first received that acceptance letter in the mail. Now, years after taking the leap of moving to a new city, or even just immersing in a new environment, the McGill community that once seemed so vast and unexplored has now become a comforting bubble. With an undergraduate degree now under your belt, remember to stay connected to your McGill roots as you go out into the world.


Pursuit: Applying product development strategies to your life

Divya Pahwa writes about young-lady career advice in the weekly series Pursuit, here on the McGill Caps Blog.

Gary S. Lynn and Richar R. Reilly published Blockbusters: The Five Keys to Developing Great New Products highlighting their findings of successful new products in 2003.

These are their ‘five keys’:
(1) Commitment not contribution of senior management
(2) Clear and stable vision
(3) Improvisation
(4) Information exchange
(5) Collaboration under pressure

Teams that developed blockbuster products excelled at each of these.

After I read their book, I kept trying to rationalize how to apply them in life – you know to create Blockbuster versions of ourselves? (I know exactly how cheesy that sounds, bear with me). There has to be secret lady advice hidden within these elements! This is what I came up with….


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