Confidence Is Key

confidence_1It’s been a couple of weeks, but I’m back! I would’ve liked to post something earlier, but unfortunately I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off due to all the assignments, homework, tests, and presentations I’ve had in just the last two, three weeks.  (more…)

A quick look at LinkedIn

based-impressive-workplace-ecard-someecardsNothing compares with your online resume. You own it. You have total control over the information contained in it. It gives you so much exposure within your industry, not to mention the effects on your reputation and credibility.

Lately, some successful platforms such as LinkedIn have developed tremendous SEO tools to keep you on top of the list when you look for new challenges. LinkedIn offers to build up your reputation and contact or be contacted by decision makers with basic and free features, and others, more advanced, at a fee. To pay for some added features is entirely up to you since LinkedIn offers tools that help you manage your information in real time and build up your contacts. The time you spend and accessibility might improve if you take your wallet out.

Personally, I have not paid a cent since I started using it back in 2009 but let me tell you I invested a lot of time!


Pursuit: Confidence and B***sh**

Divya Pahwa writes about young-lady career advice in the weekly series Pursuit, here on the McGill Caps Blog.

Forget anything you’ve ever read about making an impression. Seriously. Clear your mind of it all. First date? Seeing a prof to argue a grade? Interview? Class presentation? Everybody has something that makes them “shaky-hand-tummy-ache” nervous. And often we run madly in the opposite direction when that nerve-racking event is seemingly creeping close. And more often then not it is in those highly unpleasant and uncomfortable moments that the most incredible and important things happen (I wrote about this in the summer, see Pursuit: WhatI wish I knew when I was “__”). You change, you have story, you meets someone etc.

 How do you turn something that gives you the nervous jitters in to something you face with with a stoic calm?


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