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Preparing for Medical School: Part 1


Preparing for any of the graduate and professional schools can be a lot of work. There are the exams, the applications, the essays, and interviews.  So if you’re thinking about pursuing medical school or the like. Fantastic! So am I. This winter break I will be immersing myself in preparation for the MCAT.

I will be discussing some considerations and tips before embarking on this journey. (more…)

Stress? What Stress?

stressDays are getting shorter, nights are getting colder, leaves are falling to the ground….not only is fall among us but it is also midterm season as well. The majority of you will have your midterms either just beginning or beginning in the upcoming week, fortunately for me I’ve already written 4 out of my 5, so I may be able to provide some useful advice for managing midterms, work, volunteering, and having a bit of a social life.


Exam Time!


What’s that smell in the air? Caffeine and stress. Ah, midterms are rolling around again. *insert Beethoven’s 5th Symphony soundtracks* Wait, but I haven’t started studying yet! So I have a week left to prepare for 3 exams. Time to put on the thinking cap. Here are some tips from a pro test taker survivor.

Reading Tips and Tricks

Book-Pile_fullThey start to pile up and everything seems as though it is a thousand pages and how can it all be done? Sometimes it feels like we are on a constant quest to tackle the ever-growing pile of readings we are faced with each week.  Daunting, should this be your first go at a university workload but not impossible and (with luck) eventually well manageable!


How to deal with stress


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.50.02 AMWe all have to deal with stress! Some of us know how to deal with it but other don’t handle it very well ( especially during exam time). But the sooner you know how to deal with it the better since stress will ALWAYS be part of your life: in your studies, in your job, and of course in your personal life.


A Study Guide to Success – What you may Already Know, but Aren’t Doing


Are we doomed to succumb to all-nighters and caffeine binges until the long-awaited day of graduation? Are we obliged to be fueled by nothing more than blind panic, black coffee and energy drinks? I certainly hope not…I mean, after all, we are McGillians and while we knowingly signed up for this fate upon beginning school, there has to be an alternative to reclaim our social lives!


Stress coping 101

stress imageFinals are here! Meaning stress levels are at an all time high. I think learning how to deal and reduce stress is one of the most important things to learn, and useful not only during these weeks leading up to exams, but also in the future workplace. Confession: I am terrible at dealing with stress. When stressed with workload, I have the tendency to mentally list everything I have to do, and the time frame that I have to do it in, which as expected, stresses me out even further.  This is one area I’ve been trying to improve on for the longest time, and want to share some methods I’ve tried or come across, which will hopefully help some of you guys who are in the same boat as me 🙂


Just Do It!

confidenceMidterms. It has been the bane of existence for many students this past month, myself included. Between grocery shopping and doing laundry, studying for midterms has become another regular chore on the to do list. Thankfully midterm season is almost over. The waves of stress will hopefully subside for a while before finals roll along. As of this moment, many of my own classes have not released their midterm results. That uncertainty (more…)

LinkedIn: How to get endorsements?

Octavio-Cardenas-LinkedINYour Linkedin profile is almost ready to go! However, once you entered soft and hard skills in your profile, there is an important step that needs to be taken: asking for endorsements.

That’s the one most important item that can lead you to obtaining and keeping a very solid reputation on Linkedin. To tell the truth, how many profiles have you visited lately and reading profiles, you have had that feeling that behind those fancy words something is missing?

We build our public image based on trust. That is right! You profile is ready to go but…who will trust you if nobody can back up your skills? The most popular personalities or commercial pages are based on the amount of “likes” on Facebook, correct?  Well, Linkedin’s version of “likes” are endorsements. This feature enables members to endorse each other’s skills and expertise. It works pretty much like the recommendations. It helps members recommend each other and by doing that not only will you get more social proof, but also global branding, exposure and trust. In addition, it will generate more visits to your profile and if your profile shines, then people will want to connect with you.


Wikipedia for Ideas and Motivation

2iuheo-l-610x610-t-shirt-shirt-funny-prom-top-putfit-black-thanks-wikipedia-meme-jeans-beautiful-summer-graduation-funny-shirt-quote-on-it-funny-tshirtWikipedia people you want to be like. Obama for instance. (ha i’m never going to be like Obama, but hey, its some good motivation and a good way to get ideas on what kind of things to get involved in). For example, if your in the political field like me, wikipedia someone prominent in that field, like Fareed Zakaria — a pretty famous journalist. Read the education section (their early life is pretty interesting too). I realised 2 really important things from just his biography alone:


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