Getting Off on the Wrong Foot

Tracey Regimbal

Starting a new semester, whether it’s your first or your last, always comes with the same scenario: Initial motivation, lack of work and then you wake up in Midterms. Traditionally, I am an ace at organizing my time efficiently for the coming semester. Key word: Organizing. I love to write lists, schedules, and other “time efficient” devices in order to push myself to avoid procrastination throughout the year. But, I spend so much time on planning out my time, I actually waste all of my time. Sorry, lists are fun for visual people but it doesn’t actually encourage you to do the work.


Changing the Face of Gen Y Employment

Vicky Tobianah


If you’re like most students today, you know that finding a job is difficult. The hardest part may be finding out what employers want,  how they make the decisions they make and why they act the way they do.

When I began my job search earlier this year, I was immediately frustrated with the process. It seems like I was putting in tons of effort, time and money to make my applications perfect and not only was I not getting many calls for interviews, I usually wasn’t even given a standard email confirming employers actually received my application.

This job process is tough – so why not change it? That’s the idea behind TalentEgg‘s new project, Student Voices. It’s a program designed to help fight Gen Y under-employment by letting employers hear what students actually care about. Annoyed that most internships are unpaid? Want some application feedback? Think you deserve an interview and don’t know how to get it? Express yourself at and tell employers how you actually feel because they want to know! It’s in their best interest to hear from students and graduates who have experiences to share. If we all put our voices together, we’ll help change the way employers hire their employees and change the face of Gen Y employment.

Read my story by clicking here and then share yours today.

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