Mental Health Support for Students on Tight Schedules

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Has this happened to you? You know you already have too much on your plate, and you are eager to make the most of every opportunity. In one way or another, you end up setting goals and standards that are beyond your current means. Okay, maybe you can accomplish everything if you take out the time required for sleeping and eating. And being at a competitive university doesn’t help the struggle.

I am like you.


The Healthy Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.17.02 PMHere comes autumn the midterm season!  Over-stressed students, all nighters, non-stop caffeine intake and not to forget the cram up library, yes what a beautiful season it is! So if you’re reading this, try to at least have a stroll outside, check the beautiful colours and enjoy the last strays of the sun before winter comes.
The main problem, I feel everyone is probably experiencing is that somehow with all of our midterms; we also have assignments, papers and webwork due that same week…  With all that work, being HEALTHY is certainly not on our list of priorities.


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