Reigning in your 1001 tasks

With the end of add/drop comes the beginning of evaluations that were but a mere thought what seems like yesterday. The ball has started to roll more quickly and the readings we haven’t done have formed a list that is seemingly out of control. While this can easily become overwhelming, there are strategies you can do to get you back on track and decrease your stress so that your workload is not insurmountable after all.


Work, School and Self-Care

I am no stranger to stress and anxiety. In fact, neither are my classmates.  I have seen my colleagues crack under the pressure of having to balance the many different responsibilities in life while trying to maintain good academic standing.

A friend of mine once ran out of class mid-sentence during a presentation. We found her crying and hyperventilating in another room down the hall. She explained that she had been at work all weekend, she lost sleep because she used the remaining time she had to prepare for her presentation, and she simply became overwhelmed with pressure by the time she was up at the front of the class. Luckily, our professor was understanding of the situation and gave her a second chance.

Situations like this are completely unnecessary to experience, and completely avoidable. It simply takes personal commitment to achieve the work-school balance that we all so desperately need to master.


Don’t put off what you put on to go to bed

Stacy Dikareva

It always gets worse before it gets better. This old adage, though I find to be true, has always perplexed me. Why do we frequently wait for things to become overwhelmingly difficult before we start to take action? Of course, certain situations may be completely out of our control; in which case, I simply brace myself, have a little faith (maybe even a little cry) and let the rock bottom hit. But what about the times when we remain stagnant on projects, neglect to address a bad relationship (romantic, professional, or otherwise), let that ankle swell and throb for days before you see a doc, or put off any number of other things that only become increasingly more unpleasant, irritating and potentially more harmful with time. The other phenomenon to accompany this paradox of the human condition is the fact that most frequently, we’re not even
objective enough to see ourselves idling in this state. (more…)

Getting Off on the Wrong Foot

Tracey Regimbal

Starting a new semester, whether it’s your first or your last, always comes with the same scenario: Initial motivation, lack of work and then you wake up in Midterms. Traditionally, I am an ace at organizing my time efficiently for the coming semester. Key word: Organizing. I love to write lists, schedules, and other “time efficient” devices in order to push myself to avoid procrastination throughout the year. But, I spend so much time on planning out my time, I actually waste all of my time. Sorry, lists are fun for visual people but it doesn’t actually encourage you to do the work.


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