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How to Start Networking at McGill

Business Communication Duplicate modelWe always hear about networking as students and how important it is, but I know that nobody has ever told me exactly how to do so. This post intends to explain what exactly networking is and why it is valuable to your degree, show you the different networking opportunities available on campus, and how to prepare for them.  (more…)

My International Internship Experience


LI building

So here’s my first post! I’m incredibly excited to get started on this blog but here’s a little secret – I’ve been struggling to decide what I wanted to write about as my first post. There are so many things that I could choose from but doing an “all about my summer” post (like the ones we used to do in elementary school) seemed the most prudent. I hope to also give some pertinent information that might help and encourage you to participate in an internship, whether it be here in Montreal or halfway across the world. This past summer was, without a doubt, the most influential and important of my life thus far and I owe it all to my internship experience.


How to get that internship?

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.50.28 PMAs the new semester starts more and more internships positions becomes available… But after spending from 1 hour to a couple of hours applying, the wait begins! And if you’re lucky enough you will get called for THE interview.

So here are 3 helpful tips to prep and prepare yourself for an interview:   (more…)

One Major Criticism of the Workforce for Youths

images-2As a hardworking university student, if there was one major criticism of the workforce it would be this:


Some takes-aways from a second year at university

imagesSo the year is coming to an end for most of us (still have two months to go to finish mine) but I feel like this year has been incredibly rich and useful and brought me a lot. Thus I’ll just share a few take-aways from this year’s experiences and quickly touch upon the topics of the precedent posts. (more…)

LinkedIn: How to get endorsements?

Octavio-Cardenas-LinkedINYour Linkedin profile is almost ready to go! However, once you entered soft and hard skills in your profile, there is an important step that needs to be taken: asking for endorsements.

That’s the one most important item that can lead you to obtaining and keeping a very solid reputation on Linkedin. To tell the truth, how many profiles have you visited lately and reading profiles, you have had that feeling that behind those fancy words something is missing?

We build our public image based on trust. That is right! You profile is ready to go but…who will trust you if nobody can back up your skills? The most popular personalities or commercial pages are based on the amount of “likes” on Facebook, correct?  Well, Linkedin’s version of “likes” are endorsements. This feature enables members to endorse each other’s skills and expertise. It works pretty much like the recommendations. It helps members recommend each other and by doing that not only will you get more social proof, but also global branding, exposure and trust. In addition, it will generate more visits to your profile and if your profile shines, then people will want to connect with you.


Summers: you only have a few of them before life begins

After some overtly excited planning for a EuroTrip with my friend this summer, my family put the cap on me. I told my aunt about our awesome plans of traveling all around Europe  and all the places we wanted to see. But my aunt just told me “you only have 4 summers before applying to grad school. Summer is the only time where you don’t have school work and you can dedicate all of your time to building on your hands-on skills”.


Why do an internship?

interns-wantedWe are very often being told by friends, advisers and profs that we have to do internships to gain experience, discover the corporate world and differentiate ourselves from others.

Finding an internship is not that easy especially if you’re looking for one in your home country while you’re still in Montreal. Word of mouth, networking, family’s acquaintances are usually the best ways to find what you are looking for. But why put so much effort into it? What does it bring us? (more…)

5 Life Lessons I Learnt from my Internship Abroad


Last summer, I had the trip of a lifetime when I was offered an internship in San Francisco with a non-profit organization who’s mandate dealt with everything I believed in and loved. I had spent most of my life growing up in one of the suburbs of Vancouver, and coming from a low-income household, never really had the opportunity to travel – inside or outside of Canada. Hence, I was beyond excited to fly across the country to sunny California to get to work!


Tips to Rock your Internship

internships1After two months of searching for an internship, I finally got the best internship at 1milk2sugarspr. I’m very excited to start this new challenge and at the same time I’m so nervous, because everything is so new and different and I do want to do a good job. The other day I came across an article on how to be a successful intern, the article gave me some useful tips on how to be the best I can be! Here are 6 useful tips to rock your internship this summer! 

.Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses: At the beginning of your internship make a list of your strengths and weaknesses so that you understand where you stand. This will help you allocate your time and focus. 


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