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Career Opportunities Are In The Air



October…the time we begin to bundle up and slowly make our way into hibernation mode due to our hectic schedules, demands, deadlines and of course, midterms! This is the time of month when studying and preparation take precedence over enjoying the last few rays of sunshine that peek through the autumn sky. October is a month of anticipation, a month of thanks and of freight…filled with many upcoming career-related events. Other than Thanksgiving and Halloween, another important event to incorporate ourselves into this month would be to participate all the career opportunities that surround us.


What to include in your e-resume?

google-homepage-ecards-someecardsContent is key – as online gurus would say. And let me tell you, they would be absolutely right!

The objective is to tell a potential employer more about you. Your e-resume needs to reflect how you process your area of expertise in your head, and how you can express it into words. For some candidates it is quiet of difficult to get to this point, but for others it’s just a matter of finding keywords to get a better position in the organic search.

You do not need to be a techy guy (or gal!), you only need clear, targeted words.

First, your professional image needs to be reflected in your pages layout. You can play a bit with creativity and intelligence. This is entirely up to you.


Broadcast your resume!


The number of hiring managers who use search engines to find the most qualified people in the market place have increased exponentially.  

As mentioned before, Internet is the fastest way to find the right candidate for the right position without having to deal with opening or closing hours or even location. Head hunters use the Internet just like you would: with keywords. These are based on work experience, schools, skills and also your social life.

If you really want to be found, you need to broadcast your resume like any other organization would advertise its product to get customers: via your own website.


Search a job position fast…ER!

Google_searchFast… It’s the word that best describes search engines.

Let’s say that you need a job as soon as possible. What are you going to do? Hum, I am looking for a Marketing Coordinator position within the Montreal area = 199,000 results. Do you really have enough time banked on your “free-time” account to click on every single link?

Well, as for one, don’t have that kind of time. But I still would like to find a position.

In order to make your searches fast…ER, you can use a tool called ‘advanced search’.


Web 2.0 applicant screening?

batman-hates-social-mediaIs last fridays party and the not-so-great decisions that came along with it  going to influence if you get your dream job or not? Well truth is, it could. Social media has made our lives increasingly public and Human Resources personnel know all about it. As a general rule I think we do act quite differently on our personal time than we would on a job, so it is quite unfortunate (it sucks) that we have to be the first generation that has to deal with extra screening tools during applicant selection; nevertheless, given the fact we now know this is our reality, we better buckle up and protect our professional selves from our mostly-less-mature social media selves.  (more…)

Looking for a job and wondering where to start?


pinterest-addictionThe hidden market represents over 70% of the job offers in Montreal, in Canada and probably all around the globe too.

So, when we look for online job ads, we only tackle 30% of all offers as very few companies actually have the resources that allow them to search for the right candidate using search engine directories, specialized web sites and so on.  As you must know, in order to quickly find the job of our dreams, we should first look among our relatives, friends, ex-bosses, ex-service providers, ex-colleagues, ex-girl (boy) friend, etc. But before reaching out to them, you should make sure your resume reflects the best of you.


OMG! Graduation is in one month and I STILL don’t have a job!

If I had a nickel every time I heard that..well I’d probably have a dollar. The point is that many of my friends have found themselves in this position and while it seemed hopeless at the moment it all worked out in the end. Here are the things that I have learned throughout the way.


Finding a Summer Job in Montreal – The Language Barrier

Andrew Stevenson

For any of us anglophones living in Montréal, it is pretty well known that finding a summer job, or part-time job without the ability to speak french fluently is a challenge.  Most jobs require bilingualism as a qualification, so where can you look, and what can you do to find a job?

First of all, there is McGill.  It is probably a bit late to be applying to jobs at McGill for this summer, but this is a job oasis for unilingual anglophones.  The bookstore, cafeterias, residences and more are a great place to look.  Furthermore, professors need research assistants, and usually this work is done in english.  There may still be some positions working with professors for this summer so contact them as soon as possible!


Social Media and the New Job Market

The other day I came across an article from the Globe and Mail called “Got a consumer complaint? Post it on Facebook,” and it really caught my eye. Complaining about stuff on your wall, what else is new? Quite a lot actually! The article tells the story about unsatisfied customers who posted or tweeted about their ugly experience and who received immediate calls from the VPs of the companies they were complaining about and solved the issue! Amazing, isn’t it? The thing that amazed me the most, which is actually related to the new era of job markets, is how new positions appear with the rise of social media. There is such a position called “Social Media Specialist.” Really, you get paid to spend all your time on Facebook? Apparently so, although it’s not as easy as it looks.


2012 Your Way Into a Job!

Want a job but don’t know how to get one? Common problem, but with a different cause. I find that nowadays it is harder to find the job of our dreams not because it does not exist. It is hard to find the right job because we have too many postings/listings/options to go through. When I first heard the expression: “it is a full time job to look for a job”, I was a bit skeptical, yet the moment my time came to look for employment I found it to be the most accurate saying I have ever heard.

So, what can we all do to weed out the positions that are not for us and find the ones that actually fit? There are many theories out there but here are the ones I personally think are the most effective:


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