Looking for a job and wondering where to start?


pinterest-addictionThe hidden market represents over 70% of the job offers in Montreal, in Canada and probably all around the globe too.

So, when we look for online job ads, we only tackle 30% of all offers as very few companies actually have the resources that allow them to search for the right candidate using search engine directories, specialized web sites and so on.  As you must know, in order to quickly find the job of our dreams, we should first look among our relatives, friends, ex-bosses, ex-service providers, ex-colleagues, ex-girl (boy) friend, etc. But before reaching out to them, you should make sure your resume reflects the best of you.


Job Finding Club

Elizabeth Lenz

Last week I had my first interview of 2011, and tomorrow I have my second one. Have I suddenly become very successful in my job search this past month?

Well, no. Last week’s interview was part of the selection process for the CaPS Job Finding Club, which has been taking place this week, and tomorrow’s interview is a mock interview with a CaPS adviser. Although I haven’t had any serious job prospects in 2011, I’m hoping the skills I gain from the Job Finding Club and the feedback I receive from my mock interview will help me to improve and score a few real interviews!


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