Prep-Course Review: LSAT

LSATWhen it comes to LSAT prep, the reviews of different companies and courses seem to be mixed. Even after scouring a number of different blogs and forums, I wasn’t able to identify any clear front runners. That being said, Kaplan and TestMasters were two of the most frequently mentioned.

Kaplan’s most popular LSAT course is their in-person course, which starts at $1,399. It’s taught in seven 4-hour sessions of comprehensive instruction and three full-length in-class proctored practice tests. In addition to the in-class sessions, the course also offers access to Kaplan’s LSAT Channel, which is an online resource providing hundreds of hours of live workshops.


Canadian Law Schools- Part 3

meme-law-schoolHere we are at our final installment of the Canadian Law School series. So far, I’ve gone through the Ontario law schools who attended the McGill Pre-Law Society’s Canadian Law Forum, namely Osgoode, Ottawa and Queen’s. And I also discussed their shared application system, OLSAS. To wrap up the series, I’ll be relaying information provided by the representatives from McGill and the University of British Columbia.




Canadian Law Schools- Part 2

PICWelcome back to all of you law school hopefuls. For those of you who are just joining me now, my last post discussed OLSAS and Osgoode Hall, so if you’re interested in attending law school in Ontario, I would encourage you to give it read. In this post I’ll be giving you an overview of the law schools at the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University.

The University of Ottawa is home to the country’s largest law school. Its tuition is also among the lowest for the Ontario schools. Ottawa being the nation’s capital, the school’s location comes with obvious perks such as its proximity to Parliament as well as to the Supreme Court. Between the different languages and the types of degrees, Ottawa offers an impressive assortment of programs. There’s the regular 3-year JD program and the 3-year LLB program, both of which are offered in French and English.


Canadian Law Schools- Part 1


This Thursday, the McGill Pre-Law Society hosted their annual Canadian Law Forum. Representatives from different Canadian law schools, mostly from Ontario, congregated at Thompson Hall and briefly discussed their respective schools as well as the application process in general. This year, there were representatives from Osgoode Hall, Queen’s, the University of Ottawa, McGill and the University of British Columbia. And now, a brief rundown of what each representative had to say.


Writing the LSAT Anytime Soon?

barneyLSATIt is staggering how lightly some people take the LSAT. People look at me like I have a third eye when I tell them I’m already preparing for the October sitting. Four whole months to study for one test?! That’s way too much – said too many people, too often.

If you think about it, the LSAT is weighed equally with your cGPA by Law Schools most of the time, although a few measure the cGPA more heavily (and some don’t even look at the LSAT at all like McGill). With that in mind, it can be said that whatever length of time you’ve spent procuring an undergrad degree is equally important as the time you’ll spend studying for this ‘one test’.


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