Straight to the Heart

For this post, I sat down with pop artist Jim Dine, the man behind the two red hearts ❤️ ❤️ that stand at the entrance and welcome visitors to the Montreal Museum of Fine Art.

KIDDING! Although I certainly wish.

Anyhow, this beloved piece, Twin 6’ Hearts, has been located in the MMFA’s “Sculpture Garden” since 1999. Dine is a universally known artist who falls in the same category as Liechtenstein and Johns. And because the fourteenth is approaching, it would be nice to appreciate his distinctive works of art that are filled with the symbol of love. ♡


Do Your Country a Favour. Leave.

There are many advantages of doing study abroad or going overseas for graduate school, such as making employers say, “I want you.”

Please read the following in a British accent, “Do your country a favour – leave,” as it was an admissions officer from King’s College who said that at the QS Grad School Fair that I attended last week.  CaPS’ Linda Cicuta, who was presenting at the Thinking About Grad School workshop, also said that it is encouraged for students to go to a different school for graduate studies.  As such, I will discuss the professional benefits of going overseas.  Then I will analyze a potential dilemma.  Say, hypothetically, you fall in love with the man of your dreams, and do not want to go far away?


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