Starting a Relationship with a Mentor

Having the chance to build a relationship with someone in your desired field is an opportunity that can’t be missed. Whether it’s for perspective, knowledge, contacts, or a sounding board, building a connection with an approachable, experienced professional can equip you to make the right decisions in starting your career. Learning about your prospective profession on a personal level can give you less of an abstract view of your future. By participating in one of McGill’s mentorship programs, I have had the opportunity to be connected with an accomplished and generous mentor. Here are my tips for establishing a relationship with an assigned mentor.


Now That You’re an Alumni – Ways to Stay Connected

Congratulations on completing this chapter of your life! It might feel like a small eternity ago since you first received that acceptance letter in the mail. Now, years after taking the leap of moving to a new city, or even just immersing in a new environment, the McGill community that once seemed so vast and unexplored has now become a comforting bubble. With an undergraduate degree now under your belt, remember to stay connected to your McGill roots as you go out into the world.


Building Academic Relationships

Stacy Dikareva

This morning at work, my co-worker and I were using our valuable pre-breakfast rush time (a precious time for a breakfast server) to ensure a sufficient caffeine kick, by brewing the strongest pot of coffee possible, and catching up on the two main domains in each other’s student lives: How’s school? How are the other three hours of your week you spend doing something non-school related?  The latter was addressed by a quick recap ofour favourite TV shows. Then we quickly moved on to school.

My honeymoon excitement (and anxiety) about my Master’s project, classes and grad school in general, quickly lead to a conversation about the series of academic and bureaucratic hoops students frequently need to jump through in applying to a graduate program. Something my co- worker, Josh a fourth year Political Science major and a Master’s hopeful at Concordia, is currently facing in his last semester. (more…)

Finding a Mentor (Jenny Blake case study)

Ryan MacDowell

Learning from someone who has mastered what you want to do is invaluable. If you are looking for a professional guitarist to teach you guitar or a native speaker to teach you a new language, the process is pretty straightforward. But how do you even begin finding a mentor for career success?

Here, the process can be much more ambiguous and daunting. Most people who are highly successful in their careers and personal lives are simply too consumed by it all to actively offer guidance.


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