Reigning in your 1001 tasks

With the end of add/drop comes the beginning of evaluations that were but a mere thought what seems like yesterday. The ball has started to roll more quickly and the readings we haven’t done have formed a list that is seemingly out of control. While this can easily become overwhelming, there are strategies you can do to get you back on track and decrease your stress so that your workload is not insurmountable after all.


Staying Organized and Ready for Opportunities

checklist1One of the greatest struggles I face as a busy student is keeping organized and up to date with all of my appointments, meetings, classes, and extracurricular activities. Sometimes keeping up with my calendar feels like a full-time job in itself! Over the past two years I have found a few methods that help me to be my best, well-organized self so that I am able to maximize my time to be able to participate in all of the important activities in my life! Here are some tips and pointers from yours truly. (more…)

All Nighters

D1331CoffeePosterspLast week, for the first time in my life I pulled an all nighter. It was somewhat intentional however. I’ve always been used to doing things on time and being organized, so I thought I should see what its like and what works better. I figured that doing things on time is ultimately better, but all nighters do have some advantages too.


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