This is the beginning of a new year

painted start to the yearFall is here with its cold rain, bitter wind, and gray clouds. I can’t wait to walk through the crunchy leaves in the park. For me, fall is the deadline for squeezing in one last picnic, tea and hot chocolate, and delicious apples. Today, it also means cozying up with that someone special and getting some writing done. Additionally with all of this, the start of a new academic year is on my mind and probably also on yours. What does the new year bring for you? This month, I’ll share some of my tips/hints/strategies in surviving the wave of chaos in an ocean of daunting challenges. (more…)

Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.


Do you really want to be successful? There’s only one thing keeping you behind. Procrastination. We’ve all heard it before, hundreds of times but it really is one of the most important things. One thing I learnt from British students at school in Dubai was that many of them started studying from 2 – 3 months before for their GCSE’s. And this was in grade 9 here! Seeing (more…)

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