Regrets and Moving Forward

“Life is too short to live with regrets.” I’m sure I’m not the first one to have heard too many motivational quotes on living without regret. Unfortunately, it’s just something that we all feel and experience – bad choices, missed opportunities, unfortunate decisions, uncomfortable situations, time dedicated to things that weren’t worth it and to people who didn’t stay. In a time of our lives where much is focused on the studying we do daily and the career we strive to someday have, regrets happen during the undergraduate journey too.


Peace out first year!


As finals are coming up, this marks the one of my last blog posts of the year end and the end of first year at McGill. My first year is ending with a foster cat, a job at Banana Republic, a planned trip to Italy and the Greek Islands in the summer, and some amazing memories with amazing people. All that I’ve learnt about life has been insane in the past year. Read on for some advice and regrets of a first year McGill student.


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