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Injustices at Work

You love your job, but your boss is a [foul adjective] [offensive noun].  You used to love going to work, and you still enjoy what you do, except the perception of your boss has worsened after they did some inconsiderable act.  An injustice has just been done to my friend at her workplace and it reminded me of a similar experience that I went through a few years ago.  This is making me super angry, so I would like to vent about it! (more…)

Pursuit: rejection, funks, and being enough

Divya Pahwa writes about young-lady career advice in the monthly series Pursuit, here on the McGill Caps Blog.

Sometimes things don’t always go your way, and that sucks. I’ve asked some of my most beloved people and turned to my best resources (See my bit on mentors here: Pursuit: Applying product development strategies to your life to bring to you (and me!) some solid lady advice when facing rejection, life funks and the like.


Blue Man Group

Tobias Funke feeling blue!

How many times do we go through that time of the semester when we just don’t want to socialize with people? We go MIA (Missing In Action) on our friends and take solace in seclusion. We don’t feel like eating anything and just want to curl up in our warm blanket and watch thought provoking and intense movies like Grave of the fireflies or Incendies or maybe just listen to some songs by The Smiths. We ponder over the true nature of people and decide that we don’t like them very much. Don’t worry; this has happened a lot too many times to me for my liking as well. And no, we are not going to eventually turn into April Ludgate from Parks and Rec.! (more…)

Help Wanted

Stacy Dikareva

I have recently committed myself to a re-write of the dreaded MCAT- the Medical Admissions College Test, for those unfamiliar with medical school requirements for schools across North America. This exam is my best friend and my arch nemesis at once. A competitive score strengthens my application (though it’s not the be all and end all). But the preparation and test writing technique practice hurl me into a nervous spiral with every study session. This will be my third attempt at this exam. (more…)

The Importance of Stupidity in Grad School

Stacy Dikareva

With one week of grad school under my belt, I sit here absolutely exhausted from my Qualitative Methods for Educational Psychology readings (exploring philosophical paradigms for my scientific/cerebral mind is like trying to read a novel in German even though I don’t speak a lick of it). And in my state of disillusionment, asking myself what the hell I just committed myself to for two years, I can’t help but think of that cheeky article I read in the Journal of Cell Science during my undergrad – “The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research” by Martin Schwartz. I never really grasped the gravity of its relevance until now. (more…)

Best Thing I Never Had

Andrew Stevenson

We all get rejected throughout our lives.  Whether it’s in a relationship, from the school you were dying to get into, or from that perfect job opportunity, it sucks.  And in each one of these situations important not to dwell for too long, but to think about why it didn’t work out, and move on.  I know – easier said than done, but if you don’t try to put it behind you and move on, you never will.

A good way to do this is to tell keep positive and reassure yourself. Follow the ways of Beyoncé and shout in your mind (or somewhere where you are alone), “you turned out to be the best thing I never had!”  (more…)

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