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Privacy: Internet and Social Media never forget

facebook-will-let-santa-know-christmas-ecards-someecardsBack in the day, newspapers were the main source for many of us to look for job postings of medium and large size organisations. But those days are long gone and today we have a new tool called Social Media.

Ever since 2007, social media has changed the landscape of social, commercial and human interactions for good and for bad. I could share with you thousands of cases where people have lost their jobs or career opportunities because of the information they shared on the web, but I won’t do it. The only thing that I will share with you right now is a piece of advice: Be careful with the personal information you share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. Why? It’s very simple: Internet never forgets!

Recently, we heard that the most popular social media companies such as Google and Facebook have allowed third party companies and government institutions to access their database of member information and use this information for purposes that are not completely related to ‘socializing’.


Looking for a job and wondering where to start?


pinterest-addictionThe hidden market represents over 70% of the job offers in Montreal, in Canada and probably all around the globe too.

So, when we look for online job ads, we only tackle 30% of all offers as very few companies actually have the resources that allow them to search for the right candidate using search engine directories, specialized web sites and so on.  As you must know, in order to quickly find the job of our dreams, we should first look among our relatives, friends, ex-bosses, ex-service providers, ex-colleagues, ex-girl (boy) friend, etc. But before reaching out to them, you should make sure your resume reflects the best of you.


Everything for a Reason

ssssFirst day of university. Ever. Way tougher than high school thats for sure. A 30% midterm and a 70% final?! Totally gonna have a nervous breakdown during my first 70% final. First day has already proved that getting good marks is going to require lots of hard work and time. But juggling that with other responsibilities as a first year that lives alone is going to be tough. Firstly, let me tell you why I live alone:  (more…)

Résumé and Interview Tips from the Boss

Seven years ago, I applied for my first job, got an interview, and was fortunate enough that the interviewer/my boss later got together with me and we reflected on my resume and interview performance.  The tips she gave me – be like Elle Woods and use the 5 point method – were exceptionally helpful for me later on as I applied for other jobs.  I would like to share them with you! (more…)

Consideration of Collaboration and Cooperation

When I first began a Chapter of the International Criminal Court Student Network at McGill, I was one of two members. The emails, the meetings, the workshops and the room bookings fell solely on the shoulders of myself and a very helpful close friend and roommate of mine. Though I’m always a fan of a good ol’ fashioned challenge, it all simply amounted to too much. (more…)

Summer Classes


Summer Classes are an amazing way to catch up on some credits, get ahead and explore new possibilities. I think many are reluctant to try it out but think about this: When would there be a more beautiful time to be on campus? We spend all winter trudging up to class, avoiding traffic and falling snow while slipping down the hill but do you ever stop to admire how beautiful McGill really is?! (more…)

What? The Semester’s Over?!

Tracey Regimbal

February was the time you were looking into summer jobs, but it was too early to apply. March was when you had no time to apply. April is when you finish school and have no idea what to do.


CaPS McGill Events

Andrew Stevenson

The other month I discovered the many events that CaPS McGill puts on by exploring the MyFuture website.  So if you haven’t already I would recommend that you check it out! There are some really good workshops, panel discussions, guest speakers and more that would definitely be of interest to everyone.


To Pin or Not to Pin?

As I was reading my Vault Career Guide newsletter I came across this extremely interesting article from their blog: “Would You Put a Resume on Pinterest?” Although I am quite savvy with social media and the likes I found myself in awe when I realized that I knew nothing about Pinterest. I did some research and found out what it was and whether this was really a new tool to find employment.



Andrew Stevenson

Last week I was browsing the myfuture website looking for  a summer job. Seeing as I didn’t make enough money last summer to cover my needs for the school year, I am pretty desperate for a decent summer job. Scrolling through the list of jobs, I saw an internship opportunity with a big oil company. At first I gave it no attention – working for a big oil company would contradict my moral beliefs. But in the back of my head lurked the desperate factor – I need money. The pay is good, and it’s just a summer job right?


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