A Resource Kit for New and Returning Students

Another school year has begun! The skirt and shorts season is coming to a close, switched for the coats and course packs of another knowledge-packed semester.

As a recent graduate, walking by the downtown campus, captivated by its newfound novelty, reminded me of my first impressions of McGill.


Job Hunting Experiences At McGill

There are many places at McGill to find jobs. I have been working at a job since last September under the work study program. I have also worked at SSMU in my second year of university. I would like to talk a little bit about my experiences finding jobs. Work Study accepts applications starting in July for the upcoming year. The earlier you apply, the better because you will be able to apply to job postings earlier than if you submit your application later. It was quite hard to get a job from the work study program because it is quite competitive. I had to send out many emails with my CV, transcript, and sometimes cover letter to as many positions as possible. Many times I got an email back saying that the position was already filled or that I did not pass the initial screening stage. Many times I did not even get a response back.


The Simple Things

Butterfly-On-Red-Flower-WallpapersAs school gets tougher, you get more stressed. Even though there may not be enough time to do some things you like doing (like knitting which takes 8 hours .. lol I knit #confession #lame) there is always time to enjoy the simple things in life. Take a walk, sit on a park bench and read a book or simply look at people, feed pigeons, or take a moment to smell the air after its rained. Also make time for you time and your physical health. Apply to the gym or sign up for a course you like – I’m taking yoga offered by the SSMU mini courses. Check out minicourses that may interest you at SSMU Minicourses.


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