Competition and Our View of Success – Exploring the Effects of Social Darwinism

I studied earth system science in my undergraduate. It’s a small program in which we learn about how the earth behaves as one single system. Learning about the earth has many perks, such as traveling to different places around the world with the excuse of studying diverse landscapes and ecosystems. (more…)

Lessons from Michael Ellsberg: The Education of Millionaires

Ryan MacDowell

September went fast. With a rainy start to October, it’s becoming clear that summer is now but a dream and we’ll soon resign to padded getup for the approaching tundra season. For me, this is coupled with the realization that I’m hatching from the cozy nest of formal education in a mere 7 months. So, this post is about that: the transition from university to “the real word” – from incubation to flight.

The most crucial thing for me in this transition is establishing clarity. And if you’re one of my close friends, you’ve probably heard me say the word so many times that it’s losing meaning. Luckily, I’ve finally got my clarity fix via Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late, which came out September 29th.


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