Competition and Our View of Success – Exploring the Effects of Social Darwinism

I studied earth system science in my undergraduate. It’s a small program in which we learn about how the earth behaves as one single system. Learning about the earth has many perks, such as traveling to different places around the world with the excuse of studying diverse landscapes and ecosystems. (more…)

3 Steps to Striving Through Uncertain Times – Living your Questions

The feeling of uncertainty is hard to describe, but we have all felt it. It can be the doubt that inhibits action, the lack of conviction in a particular choice, or the ambiguity surrounding the future. We will all go through phases when everything familiar seems to change – starting a new career, moving to a new city, losing a loved one, starting a new relationship. For some people, graduating from university is one of those times, specifically graduating without any specific plans.


Feeling the pressure?!


Do you have a big presentation coming up and you feel stressed? Starting a new job and don’t know what to expect? Do you ever feel like you are searching for the words (exactly when you need them) and you just can’t seem to deliver the message you want?  Trust me we have all been there at least once in our lifetime – faces staring, people waiting – you have the information on the tip of your tongue, but then you just can’t seem to convey things the right way. When you’re experiencing higher than normal levels of anxiety, it’s easy to lose your ability to organize your thoughts. Take a look at these 5 helpful solutions to performing under pressure. (more…)

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