Christmas in Montreal

I hope everyone checks out Ogilvy’s Christmas window on display outside the McCord Museum before heading home, but for those of you who will be sticking around for the holiday season, voici mes recommandations:



Snowy Days, Relaxing Days

winterWell it may be four days late for Christmas, but the snow has finally arrived for winter. I myself do not enjoy winter all the much (I dislike the cold as well), but having been born and raised here I’ve grown someone used to it. Truth? You can never get used to -30 degree temperatures no matter how long you’ve lived here. If you’re like me and spending your two weeks off in Montreal, here are some fun things you can try out rather spending your time inside hibernating.


Getting Away From Montréal

Greetings from the Fort Lauderdale airport in sunny and humid Florida! I’m currently writing this post here because I unfortunately couldn’t get my computer to connect to the wifi where I was staying. I have the time to write because taking the plane back to Montreal usually means a delay, in my case, a delay of an hour.

This post is a little unconventional because I should be speaking about Montreal, however, as you all have probably found out, Montreal is not the most welcoming place in the winter. It also has a winter of approximately 6 long excruiatingly cold months, which is why a lot of Québécois families travel to Florida. No, not just anywhere in America, but pretty much the wonderfully warm and palm tree-filled state of Florida. These people are endearingly referred to as “snowbirds”. Or, people who want to have the best of both worlds (if you love summer, like I do).


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