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Pursuit: stop being a flirt, advice from a project manager

Divya Pahwa writes about young-lady career advice in the weekly series Pursuit, here on the McGill Caps Blog.

Today is the first of a three part series spotlighting three very different professionals, and their advice to young people entering the workplace.




Pursuit: It’s skinny at the top

Supposedly women who make it to the top of their career ladders are also the skinniest.










Pursuit: “What I wish I knew when I was _____”

There’s A LOT of advice in the world of online articles (such as here and here) and books (like this) where “older” people look back and make a list of the things they wish they knew at “(enter number here)” age. These sorts of reminiscent-advice-laden articles and books are exciting! Being a “young” person you’re getting full access pass to secrets that older successful people want you to know.



Pursuit: You can’t ignore this

Listen up gals, we (well, many of us) have a bad habit….


Pursuit: Impressive Lady Profile 101, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

Last week the focus was on women pursuing/studying engineering.

This week let’s take a brief look at a woman making it big in the tech world (without an engineering degree!): Sheryl Sandberg.



Pursuit: Why we don’t see many women in engineering (and what you can do about it)

This week I’ll be looking further in to the numbers that I looked in to last week. When I speak with some of my friends completing engineering degrees there are some statements that I can (confidently) argue I’ve heard most of them say:

  • “Yeah, nearly half the class failed the midterm”
  • “I was in Trottier till 4AM!”
  • “Yeah I like my classes, but there are no girls!”


Pursuit: Be the Expert, what do these numbers mean to you?

This summer, I’ll be writing about an exciting topic: women and work.

Things to look out for this month:

  • What we can learn from mistakes women have made in the fields of finance, engineering, and other non-traditional fields for women
  • The good and the bad career advice for women
  • The best practices of women in senior management

Today I want to look at how women are doing in Canada.


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