Working sans Work Study

The beautiful list of jobs available to those that qualify for Work Study is a prized possession. Postings are varied, though some jobs are more popular than others, so there is an adequate selection of employment opportunities on campus. However, the seemingly abundant pool of jobs is nowhere near enough to satisfy the pool of Work Study students and applicants. And what about those that do not qualify for Work Study? I myself have tried to apply twice in my time at McGill, outlining extenuating circumstances with no success.


Job Hunting Experiences At McGill

There are many places at McGill to find jobs. I have been working at a job since last September under the work study program. I have also worked at SSMU in my second year of university. I would like to talk a little bit about my experiences finding jobs. Work Study accepts applications starting in July for the upcoming year. The earlier you apply, the better because you will be able to apply to job postings earlier than if you submit your application later. It was quite hard to get a job from the work study program because it is quite competitive. I had to send out many emails with my CV, transcript, and sometimes cover letter to as many positions as possible. Many times I got an email back saying that the position was already filled or that I did not pass the initial screening stage. Many times I did not even get a response back.


Campus Jobs are the Best Jobs


When your university sits in the middle of a city, it’s easy to want to take on a million jobs. However, there are ways to weed them out. My favorite tip to give people is that the best kind of job that you can get as a student is a campus job. I know that it may be tempting to work at your favorite clothing store, your favorite cafe or the newest start up company around the corner. But remember that you’re a student and though you may not like the idea, you just don’t want work getting in the way of your studies.


Green Christmas

JaeHyung Sheen

No…this is not about the festivity of past Christmas; this is about the capricious money that never seems to want to be in your pocket. Everybody remembers of time, when they were introduced to money. Whether it was small or big, you did not have the concept of money (although some of you may beg to differ). I’ll be honest and say that I thought that a toonie was large sum of money (as you could break it up to 200 cents O_O)…yes a lot of coins….no, not so much the monetary power I once thought. I keep looking and thinking about the nagging question in the back of cranium: How much money am I spending and how much do I have to spend for this month? I presume you have received the e-mail about the increase on taxes. I would agree so that was a bit pretentious, and yes I do find the writer overly exaggerating (to the writer of that mass e-mail, groceries at Provigo on Le Parc…you can get a discount, if you’re a student at McGill and if you spend more then $50). This is only part of the story. As a first year, I still don’t know what money is; To say that I do is wrong, for I have yet to earn money the hard way. I am currently enlisted on the McGill Work Study and yet I do not have any job offer yet. I am waiting for an opening. I feel like I am in an indefinite circle and feel like I will not be able to able to earn a part-time job. I hope; I hope; I hope.


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