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McGill Teaching and Technology Fair

This year’s Teaching & Technology Fair introduces a new format that highlights the use of centrally supported technologies such as Mathematica, Camtasia, MATLAB, Respondus, Smart Notebook, SnagIt, TurningPoint (clickers), Turnitin, myCourses (WebCT). Featured instructors are given an opportunity to provide insight into their effective use of technology and the potential application across disciplines. More info.

These Lectures Are Gone in 60 Seconds

An interesting article in The Chronicle of Higher Education about how minute long micro recorded lectures are used to present a specific topic or as an introduction to a lab activity. The article and some related video recordings can be viewed on The Chronicle web site. Recording can include talking head, computer screen capture, audio or the three combined. If you are interested in developing this kind of light multimedia material for your course, send me an e-mail at jean-paul.remillieux@mcgill.ca.

Computer Labs Opened to Students

Starting January 6, students will be able to enter computer labs on the 12th floor for personal use between class periods, from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Ryan Ferns has accepted the position of Computer Lab Attendant. He will provide basic lab support to students and will be located at the reception area. Ryan can be reached at the extension 09550.

Student Account Setup Procedure

If your students have not configured their user account when they come to their first class, there is a new quick guide explaining the account procedure setup. The document is a vailable in English and French. (more…)

Teddy’s New Schedule

Starting January 5, CCE’s instructional Designer, Teddy Quintoro, will be at the Centre for three consecutive days from Tuesday to Thursday. Do not hesitate to make an apppointment with Teddy for the design and deployment of new teaching approaches based on the use of teaching technologies such as discussion groups, blogs, classroom recording, hybrid delivery, etc. Teddy can be reached by phone at (514) 398-3597 or by email at teddy.quintoro@mcgill.ca.

Basic troubleshooting requests on WebCT, Minerva and email should be submitted directly to ICS customer support at (514) 398-3398.

Learn PowerPoint in 5 minutes

This video does an amazing job at explaining the basics of PowerPoint in only 5 minutes. It’s available on YouTube so enjoy it while it lasts. (more…)

Survey on instructional support – Sondage sur le soutien à l’enseignement

Note to all instructors of the Centre for Continuing Education

In our effort to improve services to instructors and students, we invite to take a few minutes to participate in an online survey. We seek your opinion on current instructional support at the Centre as well as ways to improve it. Your input is very much appreciated. (more…)

Computer Labs Schedule

The complete schedule of all the computer labs located on the 12th floor of the 688 Sherbrooke building is now available on this site. To consult the schedule, click on the “Computer Labs” link under the “Pages” menu.

Instructor Workshops – Fall 2008

This Fall, the Centre will offer a new series of mini-workshops on various instructional technologies available at McGill. (more…)

Equipment Reservation System

In order to simplify equipment reservation procedures, we merged the reservation system of the English and French Language Programs with the central system of the Centre. We invite you to visit the new site.

We remind you that this equipment is available to all instructors of the Centre for short term loans and for teaching purposes only. A complete list of equipment and its description is available from the “Equipment and Facilities” link on the menu on the right hand side of this page.


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