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Students, do you have opinions about your courses, instructors, course materials, learning environment? Let us have them! The Mercury course evaluations are your chance to ensure those of us who play a role in maintaining your program know about everything we can do to improve it.

Even if you have no strong opinions, please help your fellow students and instructors out by contributing to the evaluation process. If not enough people provide information, the statistics we gather will not be significant enough to give us any guidance. We need most of every class to respond.

The course evaluation pages are open from November 9 to December 2. (You may want to wait until you have experienced as much of the course as possible before responding.)

It doesn’t take long – just 5 – 10 minutes.  Here’s how:

1.Log in to your MINERVA account
2.A pop-up window will appear to direct you to the course evaluations

Alternate way to access the course evaluations from Minerva: a.Select Student Menu b.Click on Mercury Online Course Evaluation Menu c.Then on Submit your course evaluations. Click on the Course link

Thanks for your contribution to continuing improvement — and your encouragement of what’s working well!

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