Form the winning team!

All students are warmly invited to form a team of 3-4 people and enter the SQPRP’s annual case competition to win the Prix Paul-Dumont-Frenette.  Students enrolled in the Cases in PR or Communication Planning courses are doing the case as part of their course work, but all students in the McGill programs are invited to compete.

So far, the only years McGill has not had a team in the finals . . . have been the years we didn’t enter anyone!  So the bar is high, but we don’t lack for precedents.  Two McGill teams have taken first place and one tied. Nor is language a problem: two of those cases were presented in English. (The case is available only after you’ve signed up for the competition. Once yuo’ve registered, you can contact Elizabeth Hirst for an English version.)

 The program will appoint an instructor to coach the team (or you can ask one of your own instructors). But you need to be a member to win, so go to the SQPRP site and join now. Making the finals will be a great addition to your CV and bring you to the attention of local leaders in the field.

The deadline to register is February 26; the deadline for submission of written work is March 26.

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