More about keeping your chin up, job-search-style.

Does this scene look all-too familiar?

Here’s a couple more tips on how to keep motivation levels stable and to stay inspired.

Don’t do it alone! Adopt a role model and a mentor.

So, your friends are either busy working or, just like you, they’re scrambling to brand themselves better than everyone else. Unemployment and job-searching can be a really lonely and resentful place! That’s when Randy Pausch is always there for me. I’ve posted many of his phenomenal self-actualization advice on my bulletin board. Pausch’s famous last lecture, “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, talks about how to get where you want to be, both personally and professionally.

If his lecture doesn’t get you feeling warm and fuzzy about your job-search efforts, then you’ll need some more hands-on help. Randy Pausch said it best: “Stand close to your role models”. Make sure to make time for people who inspire you. You’ll be surprised to find a number of inspiring potential mentors within arm’s reach on LinkedIn or within your personal network. Have a coffee with a mentor, chat about career beginnings, and take home a doggie-bag of insights and inspiration. Remember that everyone working in the field had to experience what you are in terms of career orientation, so don’t be shy to ask for advice and take their lessons to heart.

The SQPRP even has a mentorship program specifically for its young professional members. The program matches students or graduates like you and I with professionals already working in the PR field. Read about it here for more details!

Keeping a good attitude and a positive outlook will without a doubt pay immense dividends on a personal and professional level. Companies want to hire candidates who are curious, passionate, and self-motivated within their profession. So, go on and get inspired!

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