Internship in entertainment industry was “amazing opportunity”

At theĀ  alumni-student network conference yesterday (“PR:The Next Generation”), I ran into Andrea Wong, who had just completedĀ an internship she applied for after seeing it on this blog. She agreed to share her impressions with all our readers:

“I had a great time as a Promotions and Press Relations intern at Annexe Communications. If you’re not already familiar with the company, Annexe offers PR services in the local and international entertainment industry. I worked on big-name contracts in their American film division for two months. I’m happy to have gained some solid experience in pitching to the media, sealing promotional partnerships, and promotional event planning during this amazing opportunity. On top of getting a chance to be involved in the exciting world of entertaiment PR, I was routinely invited to industry film screenings and participated in pre-release promotional screenings for the public.

“Ema Polifroni and Tammy Peddle, my direct supervisors, were wonderful to work with. Their drive, professionalism, and personal successes have only fed my ambition to enter the Entertainment PR field even more. I’m grateful for all that I’ve learned from them and would recommend this internship to anyone who’s looking to test the waters.”

Anybody else out there having a good internship? Please keep us up to date!

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