Learn about entertainment publicity with Bon Jovi May 4! UPDATED

A great opportunity for students interested in entertainment publicity and promotion. Bon Jovi has invited a group of McGill PR students to join the crew on the day of the May 4 concert here in Montreal. You’ll spend the day helping to set up for the concert, shadowing and talking with the crew that makes it all happen, including the head of PR for the band. You’ll follow this up by watching the concert. All you have to do in return? ¬†Submit a report to the Bon Jovi people that they will use in their own publicity. (It’s a community relations thing. One of their giving-back-to-the-community projects is contributing to education.) Click on this link for a sample of follow-up publicity at Penn State.

Sound interesting? Get hold of Elizabeth.hirst@mcgill.ca as soon as possible. If we have too many applicants, the winners will be selected by a short note they will write me on how this experience will fit into their career plans.

UPDATE: Yes, too many applicants. Everyone who contacted me by April 15 has been sent instructions for a one-pager to be written and submitted by midnight Tuesday, April 19. If you didn’t get it, contact me.¬† If you are reading this after midnight, April 19, sorry — next time.

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