What’s Next? For Charles Pease, it was Annexe!

Charles Pease from the PR Certificate Program at McGill's Continuing Studies

I recently had a chance to catch up with Charles, a colleague and friend from one of my PR classes at the School. Last time I spoke to Charles, he was doing a three month internship at Annexe Communications. Since then, he’s landed job at the company. Congrats, C.!

It looks like he’s having a great time at his new job. Here’s what he had to say in a short email interview:

When did you start working for Annexe Communications?

I started working at Annexe in May and have been with the company since then.

What are you doing for them?

I do press relations for Fox Searchlight and am an Assistant Press Coordinator for other projects including TVA film and Cineplex Entertainment. I also just worked on the Juste Pour Rire festival (the French version of the Just for Laughs festival) this summer.

What do you like most about your job in PR?

The highlight of the job is constantly doing something different. I love learning, and with this job I get to touch many facets of the industry beyond press relations and promotions. I also love all the people you get to meet!

Are you up to any PR-related projects outside the office?

I am active in other side projects. I am part of the Sarah Cook Fund’s “Kids for Kids with Cancer” event. I get to use my old skill set as an interior designer and my new ones in PR to really help with the event. There are other projects on the way as well!

Thanks for keeping in touch, Charles!

If you’re a student or graduate of the PR program at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies who’s working in the field, get in touch with me! I’d like to hear about it. Email me at alumni.conted@mcgill.ca.

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