Volunteers needed at Grand Prix

I”m sharing an interesting note from one of our students:

My name is Laurie Schraenen and I am the National Press Officer for the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada.

This year, we are recruiting studenst as volunteers for our media centre. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to meet national as well as international media and to be at the center of an international event. We have 7 positions available which in general require volunteers to:

–          welcome the media

–          answer their questions

–          ensure the proper functioning of the media centre

–          etc.

These students should be available to work from Wednesday June 5th until Sunday June 9th during extensive hours.

We need people who are motivated, serious, responsible, enthusiast and bilingual (at least French and English). It would be great if these students had a previous experience with client services as well as previous contact with media. People who wish to apply can send me a motivation letter as well as their CV via e-mail: laurie.schraenen@mail.mcgill.ca

If you have any additional question please feel free to contact me.

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