Nationwide public relations entry-level exam comes to Montreal

Employers in consulting firms, industry and government frequently receive 150 or more CVs for every entry-level position they open.  Do you think they read them all? Would you?  As they’ve told CPRS (the Canadian Public Relations Society), they don’t have the time. Instead, they quickly look for things that distinguish the best applicants.  What are those? Good writing skills and workplace readiness, and good judgement. These, along with basic public relations knowledge, are tested in the newly developed Public Relations Knowledge (PRK) Exam. It was created by CPRS after two years of consultation with students, educators and employers. Students and recent graduates who pass it will stand out from the pack as people who are ready to be hired.

Saturday, May 11 is the date when applicants across Canada will have a chance to write the PRK Exam, on line, from proctored locations in several Canadian cities, including, for the first time, Montreal. (In English only this time around). McGill is providing a computer lab at 688 Sherbrooke West for anyone wanting to take on this challenge.

CPRS membership is not required to write the PRK Exam. It is open to everyone, whether you are a student, a recent
graduate or a new entrant to the public relations profession. The deadline to register for the exam is Wednesday, May 8, 2013. Click on the embedded links for more info.

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