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English not your native language? Bilingual? This scholarship may be for you. McGill Certificate and Diploma students can apply for the $1500 Torchia Scholarship in Public Relations/Communications. Here’s the scoop:

The Scholarship is awarded annually to the student who best exemplifies the spirit and practice of bilingualism in the Canadian communications and public relations profession. It is inspired by the career of Armand Torchia, who cofounded the Houston Group with Stan Houston, and Torchia Communications with his son Jean-Claude. It adheres to the values espoused by Torchia Communications in providing quality services in both of Canada’s official languages.

The Candidate

The Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has chosen to study public relations/communications in one of Canada’s two official languages that is not his/her first language or mother tongue. The student will be entering his/her second year of study in public relations/communications at a Canadian university or college, in either a degree program or a multiyear diploma or certificate program that meets recognized standards of education. The scholarship is valued at $1,500 and is for one year only.

Applications should be sent to:

The Communications + Public Relations Foundation,
Suite 1515, 73 Widdicombe Hill Blvd,
Toronto, Ontario, M9R 4B3.

A jury chair and three bilingual public relations professionals and/or educators will review submissions and determine a successful candidate. The jury may require a telephone interview in either English or French.


Deadline is April 30 each year with the winner notified on or before September 15.


Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________


Phone _________________________Email: ________________________________________

University/College Program ______________________________________________________

Student #____________________________________________________________________

Program Chair________________________________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________________________________________



· Enrolled in a public relations/communications degree program at a Canadian university or multiyear diploma or certificate program at a community college

· Completed first year satisfactorily and entering second year

· Studying in one of Canada’s two official languages that is not his/her mother tongue

· Able to demonstrate overall comprehension of public relations/communications, its theoretical and practical elements, values and principles

· Able to interact in both English and French

· Able to demonstrate high ethical standards

· Committed to a career in public relations/communications


Applicant Instructions

· Attach a copy of your curriculum vitae to the application form

· Attach a letter from your university or college to the application form that attests to your status and how you meet the scholarship criteria

· Attach a two-page submission to the application form in your language of study addressing your understanding of why culture and language will be important to your career planning;

The submission should address all the criteria above, notably demonstrating overall comprehension of public relations/communications, its theoretical and practical elements, values and principles. All applications should be postmarked no later than April 30.


Signature of applicant



Communications + Public Relations Foundation

Suite 1515, 73 Widdicombe Hill Blvd

Toronto, Ontario

M9R 4B3

Phone/Fax: 416 2426146


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