Volunteer opportunity with Seize Your Future

Since 2005, the leadership development program Seize Your Future (SYF) inspires today’s young women to become tomorrow’s leaders. By taking part in the program, 15-17 year-old women hone their leadership and decision-making skills, as well as their social conscience, through:
–       Mentorship: the participants are paired with professional women who
wish to share their experience and knowledge;
–       Three intensive weekend seminars staggered over one school year;
–       Individual community projects developed and executed by the
–       Talks with current female leaders and networking opportunities.

Through the projects, SYF touches the lives of hundreds of individuals in many communities each year.
SYF is currently looking for students eager to get some hands on experience in their field by helping the organization implement its communication plan. We are looking for volunteers to assist with:
–       Content generation website and news letter;
–       Research ;
–       Media monitoring ;
–       Video editing ;
–       Social media;
–       Editing of various print material;
–       PR and media relations for events;
–       Design of marketing campaigns.

There is no minimum time commitment, except if your interest lies in media monitoring and social media, in which case you will have to commit to 2 hours a week (flexible schedule). Letters of recommendations will be provided to students who volunteer with us.

If you are interested in helping out, please email our National Director, Marie-Christine Houle at directricenationale@tonavenirenmain.ca.

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