Students come together to “Make Networking Great Again”

14449041_10157442064765109_4832555691062626587_nStudents from CPL2 510 Communication and Networking Skills are proud to host “Make Networking Great Again” on Friday, October 28 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Royal Montreal Curling Club. This unique event, completely organized by Continuing Education students enrolled in CPL2 510 Communication and Networking Skills class, unites students from various programs, professional disciplines, and career expertise in a casual business environment to exercise effective networking skills. Representatives from MACES, along with Jason Della Rocca, the Co-Founder of Execution Labs, will be providing remarks at the event about the importance of networking.

Since the beginning of the fall semester, students enrolled in the class have been required to divide into planning and action teams, delegating individual responsibilities to organize the event, under the supervision of course instructor Charles Pitts. The objective is to provide students with a direct, hands-on approach to build and expand their network/connections to further benefit their careers goals.

MACES is the primary sponsor of the event. MACES is the student association that represents Continuing Studies students at McGill University. Throughout the year, MACES offers a number of networking events for all students in McGill’s School of Continuing Education, and more information can be found at

CPL2 510 Communication and Networking Skills provide students with leadership skills pertaining to communication and networking in the workplace. Topics covered include influencing, appraising situations, business networking, teamwork and delivering effective presentations.

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