When PR met Parliament

Member of Parliament, former McGill lecturer, and alumni of the PR diploma Sherry Romanado came to McGill last week to talk to students about government relations.

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Upon completing her MBA at Concordia University, Sherry decided to step onto the political scene. Although she confessed to not having a background in politics, she was driven by her desire to make life better for Canada’s veterans.

Sherry’s campaign saw her working around the clock. Her hard work payed off though and she was elected for the first time last October as MP for the Longueuil and Charles-le-Moyne constituencies. Sherry humbly admitted that she was surprised yet over the moon to have won.

A year later and Sherry is still as busy as ever. She spends most of her week in Ottawa and heads back to her writing on the South Shore at the weekend.

Sherry told students that her passion for politics and desire for change has given her a feisty character—there’s a reason she’s known as “the pitbull” in Ottawa!

McGill’s future PR pros were lucky enough to get their hands on some of Sherry’s top tips. She helped students understand how to build long-lasting relationships with politicians. Sherry even discussed some of the pros and cons of working for a parliamentarian. In a nutshell, government relations sounds like a lot of hard work but a whole lot of fun.

After the lecture, students lined up to thank Sherry for her insightful talk and ask questions.

Thank you Sherry for coming to McGill and taking the time to speak with students. We hope to see you again!

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