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WORKSHOP: How to produce high quality video with your smartphone

Saturday, September 10 – 8:45 to noon
688 Sherbrooke Street West, room 1041

This hands-on crash course will teach you tips and tricks for shooting better smartphone video that will help you achieve your communication goals.

Join IABC and U.S.-based video production company Candidio for 90 minutes of practical tips on how to plan for shooting a video, covering topics such as key messages, script, alignment with comms and business objective; shooting tips, and editing!

Young Communicators In Motion

The International Association of Business Communicators’ (IABC) Montréal “speed style networking” event for student-professionals is back for its 2nd edition on May 3rd, 2016.

Canadian Public Relations Society: Professional Development Webinar






Social purpose, business value: The global trends that are transforming PR
Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In this webinar, Dan Tisch APR, FCPRS, former chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, will argue that like every profession, public relations needs to articulate both a social purpose and a business value. The good news is that communicative organizations around the world are doing just that, creating living examples of two-way, symmetrical communication. Join Dan to discuss how understanding these practices and trends can help every professional articulate a stronger case for public relations – while helping PR become the management discipline of the twenty-first century.

Learn more and Register

Mitch Joel Talk: RESCHEDULED

Mitch Joel, dubbed the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” and “one of North America’s leading digital visionaries” by Marketing Magazine, will be visiting McGill on NOVEMBER 19 at 6:15pm during Brendan Walsh’s Internal Communications class.

Watch Mitch discuss his 2013 book, CTRL ALT Delete, on Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project:

Mitch Joel
Thursday, November 19, 2015
6:15 – 7:45pm, including Q&A
RPHYS 118 (Seating is first-come, first-served)

Media Hacker Mitch Joel comes to McGill



Mitch Joel, photo found:http://www.twistimage.com/about-mitch/

Mitch Joel, dubbed the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” and “one of North America’s leading digital visionaries” by Marketing Magazine, will be visiting McGill on October 22 at 6:30 during Brendan Walsh’s Internal Communications class.

Learn more about Mitch Joel

The talk is open to the McGill community and Joel’s talk is not to be missed! Seating is limited and available on a first-come, first served basis.

Mitch Joel
October 22, 2015
6:30 – 7:45pm



Follow along with the McGill Public Relations Student and Alumni Network on Twitter at #McGillPR and Facebook.

Networking Event with PR Industry Leaders – Friday, October 16

Join industry leaders as they share tips and advice for your next step in career success. Includes opportunities to mingle with featured speakers, students and alumni.

Marketing, Public Relations & Communications
Friday, October 16
5:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Frederic Harnois – Campaign Manager, Bloom Search Marketing
Leslie Quinton – Leader – Strategic Communication Practice, LRN
Lauren Scott – Communications and Public Relations Manager, Distech Controls
Jackson Wightman – Founder, Proper Propaganda

Free for McGill SCS students and alumni!
Places are limited.



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CTV’s Mutsumi Takahashi visits McGill PR Students

Ms Takahashi speaks to students during an open forum Q&A.

Ms Takahashi speaks to students during an open forum Q&A.

 Welcome to the new semester at McGill! The Public Relations Student and Alumni Network is pleased to launch this year’s blog along with exciting content on our Facebook and Twitter feed.

This year, we have a remarkable line-up of acclaimed industry leaders, media innovators, and thought leaders in the PR and communications field to discuss key issues and industry-related topics with our undergraduate and graduate students.

On October 5, André Durocher welcomed renowned journalist and television personality Mutsumi Takahashi to speak to students in the Basics of PR class. Ms Takahashi is a familiar and celebrated fixture in the Montreal media landscape as the chief news anchor of CTV Montreal News, and throughout her 30 year tenure, has distinguished herself as a leader in journalism and broadcast news.

“It’s not about my opinion – that’s for the OpEds and columnists. My job is say the facts. I say the facts as best I can.” – Mutsumi Takahashi (Read our live Tweets from Ms Takahashi’s discussion on our Twitter feed @McGill_PR)

During the informal Q&A, students asked various questions on topics ranging from media relationship building to journalistic integrity, newsroom day-to-days to on-camera blunders! Ms. Takahashi shared many personal reflections and real-life examples from her career to demonstrate the powerful and delicate bond shared among PR practitioners, members of the press, and the public.

Students also addressed the often difficult task of landing air time coverage, and with sharp wit and camera-ready poise, Ms Takahashi gave us a few pointers.


Ms Takahashi

Ms Takahashi provided real-life examples and personal reflections from her distinguished career as a journalist

– Be aware of what else is going on in the news and have an idea of what will be in the news.
– Do your homework! Do lots of research!
– Create and cultivate relationships with reporters; sometimes it’s easier to contact them directly [instead of the assignment editor] with interesting stories.
– Remember, your hook must have a local angle. International news can easily be found on the internet. People look to their local news for stories that will affect them directly.
– Keep in mind that a reporter receives hundreds of emails a day, every day. If you want her to cover your story, GET HER ATTENTION. You’ll need to send something that really stands out!

“If a reporter is a good reporter, they will want a good story.” – Mutsumi Takahashi (Read our live Tweets from Ms Takahashi’s discussion on our Twitter feed @McGill_PR)

Thanks to André and Ms Takahashi for letting us share this informative and engaging session! To learn more about the calendar of upcoming events and appearances and to discover more exclusive content, please visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @McGill_PR, or LinkedIn.

PR Networking

Don’t forget to attend!

Join industry leaders as they share tips and advice for your next step in career success. Includes opportunities to mingle with featured speakers, students and alumni.FEATURING:
Frédéric Rondeau – Partner, Espace M
Lauren Scott – Marketing Communications – PR Specialist, Distech Controls
Rodrigo Lima – Strategic Account Director, CNW Group
Kristina Colpitts – Founder & Social Media Strategist, B Social
Lisa J. Weiss – Creator, I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting
Friday, May 8

Marketing, Public Relations & Communications

Cost: $18

Time: 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.

A networking reception will follow.

Places are limited.


Bad media relations in D.C.

Catching up on e-mails, I came across a great link from Huguette Guilhaumon (who teaches the graduate media course). Kids, don’t try this at home! 


Who’s Posting in the McGill PR Facebook Group? Transcanada Trail, That’s Who!

Just a reminder to check our Facebook and Linkedin groups regularly because our colleagues are posting interesting information, including job postings!!  Check out the one below by Leslie Quinton!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/17234264232/?view=permalink&id=10150290698764233#!/groups/17234264232/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3737332&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr

TRANSCANADA TRAIL is hiring a Communications Advisor! Your role would be to collaborate and improve communications tools including brand management, publications, internet and social media, provide cmmunications support and advice as required, including developing and implementing communication plans, strengthen social media tools with monitoring, regular updates and analysis. All candidates should have an undergraduate degree in Communications or a related field with 2-3 years experience in communications.

You must be bilingual, have a strong underestanding of social media, strong verbal communiation and interpersonal skills, ability to deal with people at all levels, strong leadership capability and ability to work effectively in a team environment

CONTACT: Julie Brouard [JBrouard@tctrail.ca]

*Check out the page on right entitled “Transcanda Trail Communication Advisor” or the facebook group for more details on this job posting! Thanks Leslie!

Is the RACE formula outdated?

This is a translation of the title of Mathieu Sauvé’s recent contribution to the SQPRP blog. (Your humble servant posted an article on September 21.) Mathieu, who recently completed his MA in PR-Communications at UQAM, enjoys stirring the pot when it comes to PR theory. His post is part of a series aimed at sparking debate on the profession at a time when it is undergoing profound changes.

Mirador has everyone talking

Public relations/communications people across Quebec are talking, writing and blogging about the new Radio-Canada series, Mirador. Set in a large, Montreal-based public relations consulting firm, it raised fears months in advance in our profession about the way the consultants might be presented — i.e., as flacks and spin doctors.

While at least one of the characters is a sleazebucket beyond even the most cynical journalist’s dreams, it has turned out not to be the total hatchet job many of us feared. Still, I wouldn’t recommend any of the tactics used if you want to pass the Ethics course!

Members of the SQPRP are using the opportunity to create more public conversations about public relations practice. The SQPRP’s RP.COM web page has messages, blog posts and links to recent articles that provide thoughtful reflections on our practice and how it is seen from the outside, as well as response from the show’s writers. Highly recommended reading.

Catch the show on Wednesday evenings at 9.

Social media – to teach it = to live it

I’ve been saving this blog post from Bill Sledzik for at time when I could read it with attention, because I knew it would have a lot of ideas relating to how we handle social media in our own PR program. It was brought to my attention by Judy Gombita, who has been an inspiration when it comes to effective use of Web 2.0 in public relations.

Judy is one of the contributors to PR Conversations — an international  blog well worth checking out on a regular basis for its very professional posts. Judy introduced me to  Bill a year or two ago and I have been very glad of it on more than one occasion. 

But back to Bill’s post: it’s worth reading all the comments, especially the last one by Bill about the approach to teaching social media by the Kent State PR program. Other points — many in the comments — include the need for critical voices (as opposed to the cheerleading we often get from new media fans) and the importance of practising what you preach in the classroom.

Any comments from instructors and students about our own program are welcome. Instructors, do you agree with Kent State’s approach? What more could we be doing? Students, are you getting well enough oriented with social media?

Spin Doctors? I don’t think so!

Richard Edelman has a blog worth following at http://www.edelman.com/speak_up/blog/. A recent post concerned yet another journalist, Jeff Jarvis  in this case, who in his new book questions the motives of public relations people because we are paid by clients and employers. I’ve posted a strongly-worded comment on the post, as have several other PR professionals. This is an ongoing debate, one with which our students should be familiar, and in which our instructors and colleagues should be vocal.  Attitudes are changing, but sometimes they need a little push!

5 Fundamental Traits Of A Top Employee

I spend at least an hour a day reading. This post on womopo caught my eyes.

The 5 Fundamental Traits Of A Top Employee right after the jump…


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