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Position description for Bell Helicopter now available

The job description for the Bell Helicopter contract is now posted among the pages at right entitled Bell Helicopter. Contact info is in the page, so you don’t need to send them to your blogmaster. (In fact, please don’t – I’m swamped!)

Communications/publications coordinator job in McGill Food Services

A job posting from McGill advertises a unionized communications position in the Food Services sector. Requirments: DEP in documentation or communications., two years’ relevant experience. See the page at right entitled “Communications Job in Food Services”.

Contract spring to fall Alumni-Development at McGill

There is a part-, full- and part-time contract open for a student with superior event coordination, communication and writing skills. (Part-time in spring, full-time in summer and part-time in fall). Writing can be in either English or French, but the candidate must speak both languages.

Our colleague in Continuing Education, Deborah Mercier, needs help in researching and preparing reports and presentations, communicating with Continuing Education alumni, organizing events and myriad other tasks associated with alumni relations and development (fund-raising). Excellent computer skills and total reliability a must. See page at right (“Development and Alumni Relations Job”) for further details.

To apply, use the contact information on the page at right entitled “Development and Alumni Relations Job” .

Contract for Bell Helicopter anniversary

The Bell Helicopter plant in Mirabel is planning major celebrations from May to September this year to mark its 25th anniversary and 4000th helicopter. The Communications Manager needs an assistant during that time to help with a public event, kiosk, employee interviews, souvenir brochure and lots of those other activities that go with important anniversaries. Candidates should be bilingual, although English can be the language they write in. The job location is at Mirabel, and the hours may be flexible to suit other commitments, although September will be a heavy month. This is a paid position.

There’s a page at right (“An Important Milestone for Mirabel”) describing the importance of the anniversary. Another, including the position description itself, will be posted shortly.

If you’re interested, send CV and cover letter to Elizabeth.hirst@mcgill.ca  and I’ll pass them on.

McGill student lands SNC-Lavalin position

Your blogmaster is pleased to announce that Diploma student Laurence Nepveu-Goulet has been hired for the position of Communicator/Administrator at Global Communications for SNC-Lavalin. Congratulations, Laurence!

Community services charity needs help

We heard through François Taschereau (one of our webinar speakers – see above) that there is an opportunity for a young freelancer to help out Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre needs help.  It is supported by a $7.5 M campaign currently underway by Catholic Charities – a campaign that needs assistance with brochures, slogans, website design and other tools. While there is a budget, count on spending a little volunteer time as well. If you’re interested, contact Elizabeth Hirst.

Interesting position at SNC-Lavalin

SNC-Lavalin has an opening for a senior student or recent grad with 2-3 years’ experience. See page posted in right-hand “page” column here.  To apply, please send CV to Elizabeth Hirst.

Enfant-retour Québec needs PR officer

Instructor André Durocher just passed on this opportunity for someone with 3-5 years’ experience. (If I had slightly less experience, but was otherwise a good fit, I’d go for it.) See the page at right.

Great job opp at Weber Shandwick

Bilingual and francophone students or recent grads with a bachelor’s degree and an interest in social media may want to check out the page (in the right-hand menu) called “Position at Weber Shandwick“. The description specifies a degree in communications, public relations or marketing, but general manager, François Taschereau tells me our certificate and diploma grads would be welcome.

Weber Shandwick is a leading international consulting firm that is opening up an office in Montreal. This could be an exciting opportunity. Contact is Andrée-Anne Pelletier — see page at right for coordinates and further details.

Short intern opportunity

Kathy Fischer, from Toronto public relations firm Idea Workshop, is looking for PR interns to help staff the media room at the Montreal Gift Show in March and to do some pitching to French-language media before the show. Her phone number is 416-504-3977.

Job posting in McGill media relations

Students and alumni with some experience in science writing and media relations could find this one-year contract very interesting. McGill’s Media Relations Office is looking for “an energetic, talented writer who can take complicated material about science and research and turn it into compelling stories for a broad, general audience, both domestic and international.” Check it out.

Toronto PR firm job opening

Recent grad Adrienne Foster reports that her employer TSA (Temple Scott Associates) has an opening in their Toronto office for an intermediate PR consultant. Would another recent grad be interested?

A quote from Adrienne’s note: 

“I completed my MA in Art History a year ago and got a job at TSA, a lobbying firm in Ottawa. I love lobbying! It is such a great mix of communications and politics – never a dull moment around here. Of course, my new industry means I have been thrust full-force into the world of politics and am helping out on some campaigns for local MPPs and MPs. I am also volunteering with the Ottawa chapter of IABC and am serving on their board as VP Industry Relations.

“Again, thanks for such a great program – I am grateful for all the skills I gained at McGill.”

Read the blog – got the job

We heard recently from recent grad Deborah Bourne, who applied for the job at Neotelis advertised here a few weeks ago.  Within a week, she had applied, been interviewed and started work. So readers, continue to keep your eyes open — and please let me know if you hear of openings!

Contract at Jewish General Hospital – events

Senior student Dana Frank works at the Jewish General Hospital in events management, having started there as an assistant on a one-year contract. Now, she report that there is an opening for someone else in the same department. The job is half administrative work for the Communications Director and half events assistant, working with her. Knowledge of French is required.

Starting a.s.a.p., it is a one-year contract, but there is some possibility of further work at the end of it. If you want to grab this chance, contact Dana directly at danafrank@jgh.mcgill.ca

Paid coordination job at training company

A Montreal-based, international training company is in search of a PR Coordinator to work part-time on a variety of media related projects with a view to becoming a full-time employee.  PR Grads with some work experience (not necessarily in PR) are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.  See “Neotelis” page at right.

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