Of Mandela, Wartime Holland, Crows and Other Things

PR & CM program instructors are publishing prodigiously these days. Brendan Walsh published his young adult novel The Boy and The Crow earlier this year – the story of a teenage big city gang member forced to serve his probation on a Vermont farm, but who has trouble leaving his past behind. It’s a page-turner.  An interesting side notes: Brendan, is now getting expert social media publicity help from our chief blogger, Barbara Testa-Gabaud.

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Buzz creating buzz

Issues Management instructor Buzz Gibbs is a frequent contributor of articles and letter-to-the-editor to news publications on a range of public issues. His latest, on a suggested new (and daring) target for the Charbonneau Commission, won’t attract any fans from Hydro-Québec.

Happy New Year!

And welcome back to the blog dedicated to news, views and opportunities for students, alumni and instructors in McGill’s public relations programs. Your blog moderator hopes to be more assiduous in making regular postings.

Welcome especially to the new students who are joining us in the winter term. Be sure to keep in touch with your student representatives about any questions or concern you may have about your courses and program. (For names and contact info see page titled “Student reps”.)

Finally, our family is growing. Those who enjoy baby pictures may want to check out our photo gallery to see what our students, grads and teachers have been producing lately!

Buzz Gibbs and wife Anne with their first grandchild, Alex Liam Loiselle

William (known as Wills) with his parents, instructor Elaine Depow and husband Jeremy. Taken in July 2009 -- he's a lot bigger now.

Recent grad Jasmine Sharma with Saniya Khatri, the newest addition to her family.

Cat Cunningham's baby, Dylan, plays Santa

Saniya Khatri is greeted by her big sister Sahana. Their mother is recent grad Jasmine Sharma.

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