Who’s Posting in the McGill PR Facebook Group? Transcanada Trail, That’s Who!

Just a reminder to check our Facebook and Linkedin groups regularly because our colleagues are posting interesting information, including job postings!!  Check out the one below by Leslie Quinton!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/17234264232/?view=permalink&id=10150290698764233#!/groups/17234264232/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3737332&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr

TRANSCANADA TRAIL is hiring a Communications Advisor! Your role would be to collaborate and improve communications tools including brand management, publications, internet and social media, provide cmmunications support and advice as required, including developing and implementing communication plans, strengthen social media tools with monitoring, regular updates and analysis. All candidates should have an undergraduate degree in Communications or a related field with 2-3 years experience in communications.

You must be bilingual, have a strong underestanding of social media, strong verbal communiation and interpersonal skills, ability to deal with people at all levels, strong leadership capability and ability to work effectively in a team environment

CONTACT: Julie Brouard [JBrouard@tctrail.ca]

*Check out the page on right entitled “Transcanda Trail Communication Advisor” or the facebook group for more details on this job posting! Thanks Leslie!

Manwin is Hiring a Social Media Specialist!

Calling all McGill graduates who are passionate about social networking… this could be the job for you!  Manwin Canada,  a company specializing in the development and marketing of highly trafficked web properties is looking for a social media specialist!

You would be required to oversee aspects of their social networking campaigns while developing the monetization strategy for community hype. This includes producing blog updates, newsletters and online posts. And of course, you’ll be integrating Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking websites as part of your job.

Candidates should have at least 2 years professional experience, be able to create and execute online social media campaigns, be a creative and ‘out of the box’ thinker and have excellent communication skills.

For more information about the posting, and to apply, visit http://www.freshgigs.ca/jobs/social-media-specialist-montreal-qc.

Crises and digital media

A great opportunity for all instructors and students to bone up on how digital media are changing the way we handle crises in organizations: IABC is hosting an international webinar on November 3 at the Café des Beaux-Arts. Special student rates as usual – and good networking.

Social media – to teach it = to live it

I’ve been saving this blog post from Bill Sledzik for at time when I could read it with attention, because I knew it would have a lot of ideas relating to how we handle social media in our own PR program. It was brought to my attention by Judy Gombita, who has been an inspiration when it comes to effective use of Web 2.0 in public relations.

Judy is one of the contributors to PR Conversations — an international  blog well worth checking out on a regular basis for its very professional posts. Judy introduced me to  Bill a year or two ago and I have been very glad of it on more than one occasion. 

But back to Bill’s post: it’s worth reading all the comments, especially the last one by Bill about the approach to teaching social media by the Kent State PR program. Other points — many in the comments — include the need for critical voices (as opposed to the cheerleading we often get from new media fans) and the importance of practising what you preach in the classroom.

Any comments from instructors and students about our own program are welcome. Instructors, do you agree with Kent State’s approach? What more could we be doing? Students, are you getting well enough oriented with social media?

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