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Experience as volunteer consultant

Students and recent grads able to work in French  may be interested in this opportunity to get real experience consulting for a client in the arts and culture sector. The SQPRP’s Agence JR ( go to and click on “jeunes professionnels”) is looking to fill up a team this fall to develop a communication plan for Clown Express, then work on implementation, advice and wrap-up report. More info at—Appel-de-candidatures-(1).aspx

Aspiring freelance writers . . .

. . . may be interested in joining the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC).  The association has 700 members, 80 of whom are in the Quebec region.  PWAC student membership ($58 per year, which can be paid in two instalments) includes:

Free access to all PWAC workshops;

Volunteer opportunities at the forthcoming PWAC national conference – June 17-19, 2011 at Concordia University;

Access to national conference workshops and speakers;

Networking with professional writers;

Formal and informal mentoring;

Increased credibility.

PWAC Quebec starts its year off Wednesday September 29 with a pub night from 7-9 p.m. at the Irish Embassy Pub, 1234 Bishop Street (just south of St. Catherine). Door prize: a free student membership.

For those who can’t make it but would like to join, contact Olivia Kona, Chapter Ambassador, PWAC Quebec.

Volunteers needed for chorus

The Greater Montreal Chorus (a barbershop chorus) is looking for immediate communication planning , marketing communications and publicity help: including overall marketing plan, logo and tagline, along with promotional ideas
for this fall’s show (Nov. 29) and membership nights.

The volunteer(s) would work with a very nice bunch of people, supporting — and getting support from —  the communications specialist. Contact Ellen Laughlin via e-mail or by phone at (514)483-2980.

Volunteers needed at bridal salon

Student Valerie Windsor does the marketing and PR for a wedding design and planning agency. She’s looking for volunteers for a one-day event on December 6. For further info, click the page in the right-hand menu of this page. An opportunity combine learning, another line for your CV and a bit of fun, too!

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