Marjolaine Voiselle at Capital-Image

Those who remember her outstanding work in the Certificate Program will be delighted to hear that Marjolaine Voiselle has just been hired as a Senior Consultant at Capital Image, a Montreal consulting firm that has won a number of awards from the SQPRP in recent years. Marjolaine herself is no stranger to awards: she and her team of four took first place in the SQPRP’s student case award, the Prix Paul-Dumont-Frenette, in 2007.

Marc Holmes hired by NATIONAL Public Relations

Marc Holmes (diploma May 2012) has just landed a position at NATIONAL Public Relations, a firm that has hired a number of McGill PR grads over the years. Marc will work in the pharmaceutical practice with, among others, Stephanie Lyttle (Certificate 2005), founding president of the McGill PR Student and Alumni Association. Chantal Benoit (Certificate 2004) was our first McGill grad to go to NATIONAL, and she’s been there ever since. Both she and Stephanie are now Senior Consultants.

Christine Tourigny hired by Massy Forget Langlois

On March 25, certificate student  Christine Tourigny begins work as a Coordinator at Massy Forget Langlois relations publiques (MFLRP). Christine is one of our two undergrad student reps to the Curriculum Sub-Committee. Other McGill PR grads currently at MFLRP include Bridget-Ann Peterson (diploma May 2009) and Catherine Cunningham (who made the Dean’s Honour List when she graduated in May 2007, was also a certificate rep and is still an active alumna).

Another McGill public relations grad at SNC-Lavalin

Actually, it’s a bit premature to say “grad” because Everett Martin still has a couple more courses to complete.  But even before graduating, he’s been hired as Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at SNC-Lavalin.  And I have to be honest: Everett had a good deal of  experience when he started the certificate program. Other alumni who’ve passed through the doors at SNC-Lavalin include Neil Griffiths, Laurence Nepveu-Goulet, and way back when, Gillian MacCormack, who recently retired as Director of Global Public Relations. The current boss lady at SNC-Lavalin is Leslie Quinton, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Communications, who for several years was a very popular instructor in the certificate program.

If you are a student or graduate and have just landed a job or been promoted, please let me know!

Looking for new bloggers

In fact, we’re looking for more people to work in a group that will link together all the social media relating to the McGill PR programs. A good group has just graduated and our team is down to one + the coordinator. If you are keen to put your social media expertise to novel use in a flexible group of people dedicated to improving students’ abilities and career opportunities, please get in touch with Elizabeth Hirst, Program Coordinator for the PR programs.

Just For Laughs media assistant for summer

Recent alumna Ema Polifroni at Annexe Communications says her company is still looking for another intern this summer to work on the Just For Laughs Festival.  (Unpaid position.) If you’re interested, please send a letter of intent and C.V to Tammy Peddle at

She also reports that in addition to Andrea Wong, who just completed her internship there, McGill PR students Charles Pease and Christina Gould are also working with Annexe this summer.

March Career Workshop taking shape

Our Public Relations Student & Alumni Network is booking speakers for the second annual career workshop in March.  From what I hear so far, the focus will be on media relations, social media and job hunting. (And yes, the SQPRP is making sure their annual conference is on another weekend so McGill students can go to both,) Stay tuned.

Congrats, Stephanie

Recent news from Stephanie Lyttle (certificate ’05), founding president of the Public Relations Student & Alumni Network: she’s just been promoted to Senior Consultant at NATIONAL Public Relations. It’s a title she now shares with NATIONAL colleague Chantal Benoit (certificate “04).  

If you are a grad who has recently landed a new job or been promoted, please let us know.

Compelling story on addiction

Recent certificate graduate Jeffrey Molik is known to a number of  McGill PR students for his powerful presentations on his successful struggle against alcohol and drug addiction.  Now running a successful business of his own, Jeff is making a point of giving back to people who need the kind of help he got by sharing his challenges and his secrets with wider audiences.  You can hear him again — or catch him for the first time — on CBC’s All In A Weekend this Sunday. He gives a frank interview to host Dave Bronstetter, who is (full disclosure) married to your blog moderator (no bias here!)

Happy New Year!

And welcome back to the blog dedicated to news, views and opportunities for students, alumni and instructors in McGill’s public relations programs. Your blog moderator hopes to be more assiduous in making regular postings.

Welcome especially to the new students who are joining us in the winter term. Be sure to keep in touch with your student representatives about any questions or concern you may have about your courses and program. (For names and contact info see page titled “Student reps”.)

Finally, our family is growing. Those who enjoy baby pictures may want to check out our photo gallery to see what our students, grads and teachers have been producing lately!

Buzz Gibbs and wife Anne with their first grandchild, Alex Liam Loiselle

William (known as Wills) with his parents, instructor Elaine Depow and husband Jeremy. Taken in July 2009 -- he's a lot bigger now.

Recent grad Jasmine Sharma with Saniya Khatri, the newest addition to her family.

Cat Cunningham's baby, Dylan, plays Santa

Saniya Khatri is greeted by her big sister Sahana. Their mother is recent grad Jasmine Sharma.

Toronto PR firm job opening

Recent grad Adrienne Foster reports that her employer TSA (Temple Scott Associates) has an opening in their Toronto office for an intermediate PR consultant. Would another recent grad be interested?

A quote from Adrienne’s note: 

“I completed my MA in Art History a year ago and got a job at TSA, a lobbying firm in Ottawa. I love lobbying! It is such a great mix of communications and politics – never a dull moment around here. Of course, my new industry means I have been thrust full-force into the world of politics and am helping out on some campaigns for local MPPs and MPs. I am also volunteering with the Ottawa chapter of IABC and am serving on their board as VP Industry Relations.

“Again, thanks for such a great program – I am grateful for all the skills I gained at McGill.”

Great win – even better follow-up!

As noted a couple of posts ago, Alexa Azran and Florence Petit-Gagnon won the Prix Paul Dumont Frenette this year.  Sometimes, it’s not just what you achieve but what you do with your achievement that counts. At the SQPRP’s awards gala, both recent grads passed out their newly printed business cards. One person they met was Serge Vallières, himself a recent grad of the certificate program. He invited Alexa to visit AGC Communications, the consulting firm he works at, and apparently she made a good impression.  She started work at AGC last week. So, students, if you are wondering about the value of networking . . .

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