Good career tips for PR students

Jackson Wightman who produces the blog Proper Propaganda, takes on old stereotypes about public relations and turns them around, in both the name of his firm/blog and his own title: Minister of Propaganda. (I admit to having had a quick intake of breath when I first saw it!) His focus will be of interest to students and recent grads looking to produce publicity results without the budget of a major corporation. He also mentioned our programs in his recent blog, where he gives some useful tips for people wanting to start a career in the public relations/communications field.

Looking for new bloggers

In fact, we’re looking for more people to work in a group that will link together all the social media relating to the McGill PR programs. A good group has just graduated and our team is down to one + the coordinator. If you are keen to put your social media expertise to novel use in a flexible group of people dedicated to improving students’ abilities and career opportunities, please get in touch with Elizabeth Hirst, Program Coordinator for the PR programs.

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