Is the job search getting to you? Tips to keep your chin up.

So, you’re registered on an endless number of employment websites and your C.V. and cover letters are seasoned with a “ready and willing” attitude. You can even confidently recite your personal and professional skill-set in a thirty second elevator speech and you keep up with new job offers every day, even on weekends. Great! … so where are the results?

Despite being able to recognize that searching, applying, waiting, and following up will eventually produce results, the whole job-hunting process can be difficult on the spirit for result-oriented students and professionals alike.

The hardest part about job searching is to keep smiling and taking care of business in the day-by-day. The easiest piece of advice to give, and not necessarily to live, is “don’t despair!”. Having the willingness to keep job hunting with a good attitude is not a given thing; just like the job-search itself, staying motivated and keeping a good attitude about it takes hard work. It means staying inspired by what you’re doing and what you’re aiming for.

Read and Reap Benefits.

There’s nothing better for boosting the job-search morale than a good dose of inspiration. I’ve recently started subscribing to e-newsletters and religiously reading PR blogs like Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation. Resources like this are a great place to get the latest word on everything job-related, including interviewing, personal branding, and some social media tools that help pad the professional portfolio. Most importantly, learning something new related to job-searching and how to sell myself better as a candidate always gets my job-juices flowing again.

More about staying inspired in my upcoming entries!

In the meantime, tell me, what helps you keep your chin up in the job-hunt? Leave a comment!

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