Mirador returns to Radio-Canada

Fasten your seatbelts!  The widely watched drama series Mirador, about a large public relations firm in Montreal, is returning to the airwaves of Radio-Canada Tuesday, September 13 at 9 p.m.  The producers have promised to make this second season a little more true to the reality of public relations practice, but the video suggests it’s still all about scandals and spin doctors. (Of course, real life would be a lot duller. Who wants to watch an hour of people poring over a Gantt chart?)

The SQPRP (Société québecoise des professionnels de relations publiques – join it!) will be using the occasion once again to talk publicly about the profession. The Mirador writers and producers — despite the sleaze portrayed in the show — are generally open to working with PR people. In fact, they are going to put information on their website about the profession, supplied by the SQPRP (including numbers of PR students in Quebec and programs of study). So keep your eyes, ears and Tweetdeck open! And if you’re up to rapid-fire French, tape the show — it can be quite funny.

Mirador has everyone talking

Public relations/communications people across Quebec are talking, writing and blogging about the new Radio-Canada series, Mirador. Set in a large, Montreal-based public relations consulting firm, it raised fears months in advance in our profession about the way the consultants might be presented — i.e., as flacks and spin doctors.

While at least one of the characters is a sleazebucket beyond even the most cynical journalist’s dreams, it has turned out not to be the total hatchet job many of us feared. Still, I wouldn’t recommend any of the tactics used if you want to pass the Ethics course!

Members of the SQPRP are using the opportunity to create more public conversations about public relations practice. The SQPRP’s RP.COM web page has messages, blog posts and links to recent articles that provide thoughtful reflections on our practice and how it is seen from the outside, as well as response from the show’s writers. Highly recommended reading.

Catch the show on Wednesday evenings at 9.

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