Another McGill public relations grad at SNC-Lavalin

Actually, it’s a bit premature to say “grad” because Everett Martin still has a couple more courses to complete.  But even before graduating, he’s been hired as Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at SNC-Lavalin.  And I have to be honest: Everett had a good deal of  experience when he started the certificate program. Other alumni who’ve passed through the doors at SNC-Lavalin include Neil Griffiths, Laurence Nepveu-Goulet, and way back when, Gillian MacCormack, who recently retired as Director of Global Public Relations. The current boss lady at SNC-Lavalin is Leslie Quinton, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Communications, who for several years was a very popular instructor in the certificate program.

If you are a student or graduate and have just landed a job or been promoted, please let me know!

Interesting position at SNC-Lavalin

SNC-Lavalin has an opening for a senior student or recent grad with 2-3 years’ experience. See page posted in right-hand “page” column here.  To apply, please send CV to Elizabeth Hirst.

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