Great learning and networking opportunity – free for students!

IABC is holding its first event of 2013 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Wednesday, January 16 from 5 – 8 p.m. In addition to the networking opportunity, there will be a timely session on communicating through interactive media on behalf of large organizations. $45 for members, free for students! Can’t beat those prices!

Looking for new bloggers

In fact, we’re looking for more people to work in a group that will link together all the social media relating to the McGill PR programs. A good group has just graduated and our team is down to one + the coordinator. If you are keen to put your social media expertise to novel use in a flexible group of people dedicated to improving students’ abilities and career opportunities, please get in touch with Elizabeth Hirst, Program Coordinator for the PR programs.

March Career Workshop taking shape

Our Public Relations Student & Alumni Network is booking speakers for the second annual career workshop in March.  From what I hear so far, the focus will be on media relations, social media and job hunting. (And yes, the SQPRP is making sure their annual conference is on another weekend so McGill students can go to both,) Stay tuned.

Crises and digital media

A great opportunity for all instructors and students to bone up on how digital media are changing the way we handle crises in organizations: IABC is hosting an international webinar on November 3 at the Café des Beaux-Arts. Special student rates as usual – and good networking.

Spin Doctors? I don’t think so!

Richard Edelman has a blog worth following at A recent post concerned yet another journalist, Jeff Jarvis  in this case, who in his new book questions the motives of public relations people because we are paid by clients and employers. I’ve posted a strongly-worded comment on the post, as have several other PR professionals. This is an ongoing debate, one with which our students should be familiar, and in which our instructors and colleagues should be vocal.  Attitudes are changing, but sometimes they need a little push!

What’s this about Obama?

Tell the people what you want them to hear. Tell them again. Tell them that you’ve told them, and then remind them again about what they’ve been told.” (Then, repeat!)

Amongst the many thing that the campaign has done right, he highlights the Logo, the production values of his advertising, the “brilliant” use of text messaging and the active and intelligent use of Social Media.

I think that the words “Candidate as a Product” is an accurate way of describing the communications platform that helped Obama win this election.

What do you think?

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