La 35e édition du Prix Paul-Dumont-Frenette

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La Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP) a le plaisir de lancer la 35e édition du Prix Paul-Dumont-Frenette, seul prix destiné aux étudiants en relations publiques au Québec.


Upcoming SQPRP Events

Start your professional new year on the right foot! SQPRP (Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques), the largest network of public relations professionals in Quebec, is pleased to kick-off 2016 with a number of new professional development events and workshops. Register for these upcoming events or learn more about membership with SQPRP!

Marjolaine Voiselle at Capital-Image

Those who remember her outstanding work in the Certificate Program will be delighted to hear that Marjolaine Voiselle has just been hired as a Senior Consultant at Capital Image, a Montreal consulting firm that has won a number of awards from the SQPRP in recent years. Marjolaine herself is no stranger to awards: she and her team of four took first place in the SQPRP’s student case award, the Prix Paul-Dumont-Frenette, in 2007.

SQPRP conference re-scheduled – September 24

For those awaiting news of Parle parle, jase jase, the annual conference put on by the SQPRP’s Jeunes professionnels, originally scheduled for March 19:  A note came in from Cynthia Woo of the Jeunes professionnels(incidentally, one of our own certificate students) announcing that it has been re-scheduled for September 24. Save the date, folks!

Experience as volunteer consultant

Students and recent grads able to work in French  may be interested in this opportunity to get real experience consulting for a client in the arts and culture sector. The SQPRP’s Agence JR ( go to and click on “jeunes professionnels”) is looking to fill up a team this fall to develop a communication plan for Clown Express, then work on implementation, advice and wrap-up report. More info at—Appel-de-candidatures-(1).aspx

Great win – even better follow-up!

As noted a couple of posts ago, Alexa Azran and Florence Petit-Gagnon won the Prix Paul Dumont Frenette this year.  Sometimes, it’s not just what you achieve but what you do with your achievement that counts. At the SQPRP’s awards gala, both recent grads passed out their newly printed business cards. One person they met was Serge Vallières, himself a recent grad of the certificate program. He invited Alexa to visit AGC Communications, the consulting firm he works at, and apparently she made a good impression.  She started work at AGC last week. So, students, if you are wondering about the value of networking . . .

Prix Paul-Dumont-Frenette

All McGill students, especially those in the later courses, are encouraged to participate in the SQPRP’s annual competition for the Prix Paul-Dumont-Frenette. Its 2010 launch this week includes presentations to the more advanced McGill PR classes by Prix PDF rep Marjolaine Voiselle (a McGill PR alumna). McGill students have always done well in this competition, whether their entries were in French, English or bilingual. This year’s case is being used as part of the Cases/Communications Planning course.

SQPRP annual youth conference

The SQPRP’s annual conference, organized by the Jeunes professionnels (members who are students or who have less than 5 years’ experience in public relations/communications) is an amazing PD and networking event. Known as Parle parle, jase, jase, its 2010 edition is scheduled for March 20 (Uh-oh! that’s the same date as the Career Workshop. There will be choices to be made. Or maybe take in the workshop in the morning and the conference in the afternoon.) Anyway, check the SQPRP site in the next couple of weeks.  We may not want to push it again at the expense of out own activity!

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