Data visualization in social work research part II

In part I of this post I demonstrated the merits of the dot plot. In part II I will show an improved way to visualize a hierarchical regression model. Below shows a fairly standard table of multiple regression output for three models building sequentially on each other. Table 3 from Shiovitz-Ezra, S., & Leitsch, S. A. (2010). The role of social relationships in predicting loneliness: The national social life, health, and aging project. Social Work Research, 34(3), 157–167.
ShiovitzEzra.2010.Tab3Using R again I build a graph that overlays the three models and displays the coefficients graphically. This is based largely on the R code from David Sparks.

Choropleth tutorial

Coefficient plot

Coefficient plot walkthrough

I reordered the models and variables to appear in the desired order. Below is the replication of Shiovitz et al.


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