Dataverse up and running

In the spirit of open access of data I am pleased to report here that we have two datasets now uploaded to the Dataverse network. The process of preparing and uploading the data was rather straightforward (minus a glitch in the system that required technical assistance. The dataverse IT has been incredibly responsive.)

You can see the link on the SDRG website, or go directly to Dataverse with the links below.

Data visualization

Social work dissertation scholarship in Canada

Moving forward I want to explore the types of datasets that are made available in Dataverse. Just this week I saw that the Urban Institute Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data there (fascinating). I often talk about this data in my social development class and was pleased to see it on Dataverse. I think there are countless datasets available for teaching and research there.

I also continue to ponder what types of data could be uploaded and shared there. In theory I believe that replication data used in the analysis of each paper I’ve published should be made available to anyone. However, I suspect that the community agencies that I work with would have reservations sharing this data. Further, what to do about secondary public use microdata from Statistics Canada?

Guidelines for more open scholarship in social work research

Ross Mounce (@rmounce) distills advice for disseminating papers preprint and postprint.

Step 1: before submitting to a journal or peer-review service upload your manuscript to a public preprint server

Step 2: after your research is accepted for publication, deposit all the outputs – full-text, data & code in subject or institutional repositories

Before Step 1, you should know your rights as an author. See the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) guidelines HERE.
Examples of preprint servers in social sciences include SSRN and Zenodo (need to know more about Zenodo).
escholarship@McGill is our institutional repository. I’ve uploaded a few papers there but overall have been unsatisfied with the turnaround time. And, I am not clear on how to upload data there and associate it with a paper.
Ultimately, I’ve turned to creating a website on the McGill web management system where I can post papers and data. HERE In due time, we will upload our dissertation database there with link to Dataverse.
The downside of this strategy is that the papers are not indexed by google scholar and other search engines. We are hoping to meet with the escholarship@McGill staff this summer and will plan to invite them to an upcomign brownbag seminar.

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